Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott broke up due to the rapper’s lack of commitment. He showed signs of not wanting to propose to The Kardashians star.

Kylie Jenner may have officially called it quits with Travis Scott due to his lack of commitment, and there are signs that he never intended to propose The Kardashians star. Kylie and Travis started the new year by splitting after six years and two children together. Insiders say their busy schedules took a toll on the romance, and the two decided they were better off as friends and co-parents. There are also claims that Kylie grew tired of Travis’ refusal to commit in the form of a proposal. From the beginning, the no-label dynamic of their relationship explains why Travis never planned a proposal.


The “SICKO MODE” rapper enjoyed all the perks of a committed relationship with Kylie without ever giving her a girlfriend title. The couple moved quickly, conceiving their daughter Stormi Webster just weeks into their relationship. When Kylie welcomed Stormi in February 2018, it proved that she had become pregnant around the same time she and Travis announced at Coachella in 2017. Travis would always refer to Kylie as his “wife“, but the two never made their titles official. The couple experienced their first breakup in 2019 ahead of Stormi’s second birthday.

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Kylie was Travis’Wife“, but not his wife

Kardashians stars Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

There were murmurs that the pair were in an open relationship because they appeared as a couple but without actual titles. Kylie was quick to use social media to deny the claims of an open relationship in 2021. It was at this time that Kylie and Stormi joined Travis on the red carpet for a ceremony in New York City where Travis was awarded for his philanthropy work. During his speech, Travis gave a special shutout to his “wife“Kylie. The Kardashians couple followed up with a second pregnancy in 2022, seemingly confirming they were in a committed relationship.

Travis knew Kylie wanted to get engaged

There have also been consistent cheating claims against Travis. Most recently, the Houston native was accused of cheating The Kardashians star with a woman named Rojean Kar. The woman shared alleged screenshots of text conversations between her and Travis. The rapper denied her claims in a vague post, but there have been previous incidents where Travis was linked to other women. Kylie has stayed by his side through it all, as seen in this tweet from Travisx’s Diary. Despite her loyalty, it did not produce an engagement. Insiders tell Hollywood life like Travis has “We’ve known for years that Kylie would be engaged and they discussed it. But the ring never came.”

Travis’ refusal to propose to Kylie after six years and two children shows that he was never as invested in the relationship as Kylie was. The Kardashians star gave Travis two children, and even that wasn’t enough to make him want to move in with her. There are claims that Kylie and Travis have never lived together in the years they have been involved. The two have always raised their family in a co-parenting environment, with Travis spending more time in Calabasas with Kylie. Travis may have decided to move in because he never planned to marry her and saw their relationship as a temporary thing.

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Source: Hollywood life, Travisx’s Diary/Twitter

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