Nurys opened up about the love triangle between herself, Jordan and Tori. She claims she thought Jordan and Tori were on the same page.

The challengeNurys Mateo has cleared the air about the love triangle between herself, Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal by telling her side of the story. Nurys was recently a guest on Death, Taxes, and Bananas, a Challenge based podcast hosted by seven-time champion Johnny Bananas. The podcast aims to give viewers insight into what really goes on in each season by inviting cast members to share their experiences. Despite her puzzle-solving skills and stamina, Nurys was eliminated in episode 11.


The love triangle between Nurys, Jordan and Tori was a source of drama in several episodes during the season. After Jordan and Tori called off their engagement in late 2020, the two went over a year without communicating and mutually moved on to other relationships at different seasons. The challenge. Trouble started on the show when The challenge: Ride or Dies‘ Season 38’s Jordan and Tori began fondling and flirting again, somewhat resuming their bond, before Jordan suddenly moved on to pursue Nurys. Tori felt betrayed and led on, while Jordan felt her outrage was hypocritical, given her previous fling with challenger Faysal Shafaat.

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Nurys gives his side of the story amid fan speculation

On it Death, taxes and bananas podcast, Nurys claimed that she believed Jordan and Tori were “on the same page” and admitted that she did not initially consider how Tori might feel witnessing her and Jordan’s blossoming relationship. Given Jordan’s conflicted feelings toward Tori, it was unclear who was telling the most accurate version of the truth amid the feud. While Jordan arguing with Tori may not have moved Tori on, her betrayal was likable. Nurys offers his perspective allows it The challenge fans to get a better picture of the conflict.

Nurys admits that she didn’t initially think about Tori’s feelings

Jordan and Tori argue during The Challenge 38

Speaking candidly when Johnny asked about the love triangle, Nurys said, “I thought they were on the same page, not realizing he was putting her on the low… I didn’t know these things necessarily happened.” Nurys’ claim that she was unaware that Jordan and Tori were rekindling their bond makes sense, especially given the chaos of The challenge House. Tori’s room was separate from Nurys’, so it’s easy to see how Nurys might not have known that Jordan and Tori, who were engaged, were cuddling and flirting before his interest in her. With The challenge edit is missing a lot, it’s hard to know who knew what information. Nurys went on to address Tori’s feelings of betrayal and the open conversation the two women had in episode 11. Nurys admitted, “I really don’t think I really thought about Tori’s feelings until after it happened…I just didn’t think she would be affected by it as much as she was..”

Nurys never intended to hurt Tori on purpose. Her testimony on the podcast makes it sound like she truly believed that Jordan and Tori’s relationship was in the past. Hopefully, The challenge The comrades Nurys, Jordan and Tori can create a friendship going forward.

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