JUNG_E gives a huge twist as to the purpose behind Yun Jung-yi’s AI replacement, but this horrible reveal had to happen for the story.

Warning! This article contains major SPOILERS for Netflix’s JUNG_E.At Netflix JUNG_E, the purpose of developing a combat AI is changed in a brutal plot twist, but there is a reason this event had to happen. Set in the late 22nd century and directed by Yeon Sang-ho, JUNG_E centers around Captain Yun Jung-yi, a legendary mercenary of the Allied Forces whose mission is to take down the Adrian Republic. During her last mission on the morning of the surgery for her daughter, Yun Seo-hyun, Jung-yi fails and puts her in a coma. With her family’s permission, Kronoid – a military weapons company responsible for producing AI technologies – clones Jung-yi’s brain and copies her impressive fighting skills to keep Korea’s pride alive.


For the majority of Korean Netflix movies JUNG_EYun Seo-hyun – who grows up to be a scientist – works to produce a battle AI replica of her mother called “JUNG_E.” Kronoid believes that by designing a formidable AI mercenary with Jung-yi’s abilities, they can win the war against the Adrian Republic. Halfway through JUNG_EBut Dr. Yun learns that the original purpose of her mother’s AI has been changed to something quite horrible.

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Jung_E’s brutal mother twist had to happen for the end of the movie

junge mother twist movie ending

Dr. Yun learns that her lab assistant, Jae-kyung, has made a copy of Captain Jung-yi’s AI and equipped it in lingerie. Jae-kyung says this was a direct order from Kronoid’s chairman, who—after receiving word of a treaty between the Republic and the Allied Forces—decided that the company’s primary focus should be producing artificial intelligence to provide household services. That means developing a model of Jung-yi’s AI for sexual purposes, which the chairman believes will prove extremely valuable. Although it was very upsetting, the plot twist of this Netflix sci-fi movie had to happen, as it is what calls Dr. Yun to set her mother’s AI free under JUNG_Ethe end,

Dr. Yun’s hope is that the AI ​​based on her mother will survive and find a new purpose elsewhere on the dystopian Earth, allowing Jung-yi’s spirit to live on. Also, freeing the robot prevents Kronoid from damaging Captain Jung-yi’s reputation as an honorable war hero by exploiting her for such a cruel purpose. Without the dark twist that motivates her, Dr. Yun could not afford this moment of hope, liberation and closure.

Jung_E’s brutal mother twist makes its ending happier


Early in the 2023 sci-fi movie JUNG_E, Yun Seo-hyun learns that a cancerous tumor she developed in childhood has begun to spread, giving her only months to live. Due to the end of the Civil War and Kronoid’s choice to focus on other uses for his AI, Dr. Yun not having been left with no way for her mother’s AI to reclaim her lost glory as a war hero before she died herself.

If Dr. Had Yun not been pushed to dedicate herself to freeing her mother’s AI, she would likely have seen it repurposed as a household servant or turned into a robot meant for far worse purposes than washing dishes. With Dr. Yun save his mother’s AI, the JUNG-E the ending takes on a much more rewarding tone. Captain Jung-yi’s AI is no longer held hostage by Kronoid and is able to start over. While the plot twist leading up to it is certainly harrowing, JUNG_Ethe ending justifies that direction—a choice that could be explored further in a potential sequel.

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