Throughout 2022, Welcome to Plathville’s Moriah Plath inspired rage in some fans who found her annoying and sympathy in others who felt sorry for her.

Welcome to Plathville The star Moriah Plath has always been a big personality, and in 2022, some fans began to feel sympathy for her, while others began to feel the opposite. Growing out of her parents’ strict, conservative rules and striking out on her own, Moriah has often struggled to become her own person amid so many new freedoms. Moriah had her share of ups and downs in 2022 both on and off the show.

Beginning the year on the heels of a nasty breakup with her first serious boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt, Moriah worked on herself and her confidence as seen on her Instagram. With Welcome to Plathville season 4, which aired during the summer of 2022, viewers were divided on whether to cheer for Moriah or shame her behavior. In the midst of the show airing, Moriah took a much-needed break from social media, citing the onslaught of fan opinions wearing her down.


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Why Welcome to Plathville fans felt for Moriah Plath in 2022

During Welcome to Plathville season 4, the Plath family mourned the loss of Joshua Plath, who was killed in an accident at age 2. Moriah’s discussion with Olivia about the accident inspired a Redditor to comment on a user post miss_night_owl, “I appreciated this scene.. it made me understand Moriah and the Max situation so much more. I was impressed that she was able to come to this realization… I hope only the best for Moriah!!

Meanwhile, an Instagram post featuring Moriah with a more natural look caused many fans to question her health via a post by Reddit user espresso sunrise. One person commented “My immediate thoughts [sic] when i saw this was concern. She looks excited as hell.” Several others expressed their hope that Moriah was okay.

Why Fans Felt Moriah Plath Deserved No Sympathy in 2022

On the back are fans who only watched Moriah as a brat in 2022. The first few episodes of Welcome to Plathville season 4 showed Moriah locked in her room after her breakup with Max. There was a clear connection between Moriah’s refusal to help Ethan and Olivia with household chores and finances and her irresponsible behavior when living with Kim and Barry. Ethan even called Moriah out on social media for unpaid bills.

When Moriah finally appeared, she was a completely different person. A Reddit user commented on a post by laugh emoji 2020I hardly recognized her… I don’t know how or why she changed a switch, maybe the breakup with Max. But I found her intolerable at the timet.” User Ilove polyester echoed these sentiments with a thread titled “Moriah is getting more and more annoying.”

For better or for worse, Moriah sure knows how to inspire emotion in fans of Welcome to Plathville. The further she gets from the Plath family farm, the more she seems to spread her wings. As she continues to grow and mature, Moriah can hopefully learn to tune out the negative noise of those around her, focus on Welcome to Plathville fans who are happy for her and become a more authentic version of herself.

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