90 Day Fiancé cast member David Toborowsky wants to become a monk in Thailand during After the 90 Days with Annie Suwan. He embraces a new journey.

90 day fiance star David Toborowsky has expressed interest in becoming a monk and may have embraced his faith in the spin-off, David & Annie: After the 90 days season 2. David and Annie Suwan first appeared 90DF season 5 after the Kentucky man met the much younger Thai woman at a club. Divorced and unemployed, 53-year-old reality star David had to rely on his friends for financial support to get Annie to the US. The couple married in November 2017 and continued to have money problems, but a few years later their fortunes changed.


The couple is currently performing in David & Annie: After the 90 days, and the teasers hinted that Annie would be pregnant with her and David’s baby. But the premise of their story in Thailand also involves David training to become a monk. In the previous edition, 90 day fianceDavid and Annie, with no children of their own, flew to Thailand after making an important decision. David and Annie planned to adopt his brother Jordan and cousin Amber and bring them to America. Being so impressed by the Thai culture, David woke up one day and decided to become a monk. The decision stunned everyone, including his daughter Ashley who commented on screen, “My dad can be a little vain, so the fact that he’s ready to shave his head and eyebrows is a little shocking.

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90 Day Fiancé Star David knows how to be a monk

David hoped his hair would grow back when he underwent a hair transplant in 2020. But “I have always felt that I have had a connection to Asia,” he added, making it clear what was most important to him. In the previous season, 90 day fiance star David had visited a fortune teller. She said that “You are the great-grandson of Naga Ping, a mysterious creature from the Mekong River.” David had always felt that.

Last season, when he went to the fortune teller, he seemed to believe much (or all) of what he was told.I think most people don’t realize what Buddhist monks – what they really sacrifice,” he had explained on the show. “No sex. No drink. Eat only twice a day. It is not allowed to wear the shoes. No perfume. No underwear. Sleep at the temple.” Annie said. She shared more details about becoming a monk. That 90 day fiance celeb Annie also exclaimed, “To be a monk, you can’t fool around.” “But as a wife, whatever you want to do, whatever you want to be, I will support you as much as I can,” she had promised David.

90 day fiance Star David could not fulfill his monk duties

Although David wanted to become a monk temporarily, the sacrifices would be too much for David and Annie was afraid. First he had to shave his head. He then had to leave all his material possessions, such as necklaces, bracelets and his mobile phone behind, to enter the temple while donning a yellow robe. Wearing the cloak, he felt a transformation, and that was it 90 day fiance actor David is wanted. He had to stay in the temple for three days, follow a strict schedule and complete all his duties as a monk. But even sleeping properly at night was difficult for David as he noticed some sounds from the temple that he had never heard before.

So far, despite researching life in a temple, David doesn’t seem to be successful in fulfilling his wish. By completing his journey, David wanted to make Annie’s Aunt Lom proud. This would facilitate 90 day fiance the couple’s goal of getting the children to America. The fights are far worse than David thought they were. However, 90 day fiance star David just might prove everyone wrong.

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