19 Kids and Counting followers are convinced Joy-Anna Forsyth could be pregnant with twins after showing off her growing baby bump.

Longtime viewers of 19 Children and counting is convinced that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s daughter, Joy-Anna Forsyth, is having a set of twins. The young mother is pregnant for the third time after deciding to grow her family with her husband, Austin. Joy-Anna was always a fan favorite on the TLC show and her followers love her pregnancy updates.

While Joy-Anna has had a tough year, this news is uplifting for the whole family. The touching post showed Joy-Anna and Austin posing with their two children in the backyard. The couple are already parents to Gideon and Evelyn, but both always wanted a big family. Although she no longer shares her life on TLC, followers have kept a close eye on Joy-Anna, especially after her miscarriage.


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Is Joy-Anna having twins?

19 Children and counting viewers flocked Joy-Anna’s Instagram to comment on her pregnancy after she shared a sweet photo of her big baby bump. Thanks to Joy-Anna’s latest selfie, some of her followers are starting to suspect that the former TLC star is carrying not one, but two babies. Joy-Anna was snapped wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt, which her father would not approve of as he likes women to dress modestly. Joy-Anna noticed that she hit the 21 week mark. One commenter wrote, “Big baby, I think. Or two,“while another asked if they had missed”twin message.

Joy-Anna Split Gender

Though Joy-Anna not wasting her prayers on whether her new bundle of joy will be multiplied, she has revealed that she is expecting another boy. That 19 Children and counting star took to her social media back in December when she and Austin posted a video showing them using a dart board to share the fun news. The couple invited Michelle, Jim Bob, Jana Duggar and other siblings. As they threw darts at a balloon, blue paint began to ooze out and a blue confetti bomb confirmed the news.

The couple have yet to share a name, but revealed they will use the name James somewhere in the mix in honor of Austin’s late father. While 19 Children and counting viewers are always behind Joy-Anna, many recently felt sorry for her after Austin reacted badly to her new, shorter haircut. Joy-Anna caught her husband’s reaction on video as he failed to compliment her and almost appeared to scold her. While some have questioned Austin and Joy-Anna’s marriage, the couple has always presented a united front, especially when it comes to their children.

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Source: Joy-Anna Forsyth/Instagram, Joy-Anna Forsyth/Instagram

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