The Green Ranger appears in Netflix’s Power Rangers: Once & Always, a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reunion. Here’s who the Green Ranger could be.

Netflix’s Might Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Alwaysa Mighty morphine Power Rangers reunion celebrating the franchise’s 30th anniversary will feature a version of the Green Ranger following the tragic passing of original Tommy Oliver actor Jason David Frank at the age of 49. Although anniversary special episodes are common in Power Rangers franchise, Netflix’s Power Rangers the reunion becomes even more important. Power Rangers: Once & always will be the first real one Mighty morphine Power Rangers reunion since the original show ended in 1996.


While the Green Ranger was not part of the original Mighty morphine power rangers’ lineup, Tommy Oliver came into the story a few episodes for Green With Evil. This multi-episode arc introduced the evil Green Ranger created and controlled by Rita Repulsa. Tommy later broke free of Rita Repulsa’s magic and joined Zordon’s team as the first Sixth Ranger. From villain to hero, the Green Ranger is undoubtedly one of the most iconic Power Rangers in franchise history. As such, it’s no surprise that at least one version of the Green Ranger appears in Netflix’s Power Rangers reunion.

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At least 4 characters could be Power Rangers: Once & Always’ Green Ranger

The Green Ranger in Netflix's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Once & Always 30th Anniversary Reunion Special

Recordings for Netflix Mighty morphine Power Rangers: Once & always began in the latter half of 2021, before the tragic passing of Jason David Frank. At the time, the original Green Ranger actor was not listed as part of the returning cast Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cast. Although it may be possible that Jason David Frank filmed a Tommy Oliver cameo for Power Rangers 30th anniversary, nothing regarding the original Green Ranger actor’s presence in the special has been announced. It is also possible that Adam Park, played by Johnny Yong Bosch, will be it Mighty morphine Green Ranger for the Netflix special.

Adam was Zeo Green Ranger and Turbo Green Ranger now that Tommy had become the Red Ranger for both seasons. Given that Johnny Yong Bosch’s Adam is returning to Netflix Power Rangers reunion as part of the mysterious SPA, it would make sense for Adam to be the one Mighty morphine Enter the Green Ranger Once & always. Another possibility is that Matt, Tommy’s successor as Green Ranger after power rangers’ The Shattered Grid event makes its live-action debut in that Power Rangers 30th anniversary special. Finally, the Power Rangers Reunion’s Green Ranger could be JJ Oliver, Tommy’s son, whose time travel is somehow involved.

Power Rangers 30th Anniversary Green Ranger will be bittersweet

The Power Rangers battle in Netflix's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Once & Always special

Netflix’s Mighty morphine Power Rangers: Once & always is set to be an emotional reunion that brings back some of the original cast to once again save the world. It’s hard to imagine one Mighty morphine Power Rangers celebration without the Green Ranger, as the first Evil Power Ranger transformed into a hero remains one of the most iconic characters in the franchise. Still, seeing any version of the Green Ranger after the loss of Jason David Frank will be bittersweet. No matter how Power Rangers 30th anniversary includes the Green Ranger, it will certainly refer to how important the bearer of the Dragon Zord dagger was to Power Rangers universe.

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