Who is the current girlfriend of professional football star Trinity Rodman? Is Riley Majano Dating Trinity Rodman? Let’s examine it. Trinity Rodman is a professional soccer player from the United States who is recognized for his speed, technical ability and ability to score goals. Rodman is also the youngest player ever selected by an NWSL team. In 2021, she had a fantastic debut season.

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She has received numerous honors and awards including NWSL Rookie of the Year, NWSL Best XI and US Soccer Young Female Player of the Year. Sometimes people refer to her as the team’s strongest and bravest young player. Rodman has attracted hundreds of followers who are curious about her personal life.

Riley Majano is Trinity Rodman’s girlfriend.

Trinity Rodman has been dating Riley Majano for almost three years, and the two met in high school. Rodman and Majano have a great connection, often posting photos of themselves traveling and updates on their romance. Majano was born in Orange County, California. He is currently a member of the baseball team at Towson University. Rodman is often seen at his girlfriend’s game night and has been observed there most of the time.

Trinity Rodman

She has a supportive partner; they met in high school and have kept their relationship private. The couple started out as friends and chose to turn their platonic connection into a loved one by going to prom together. Looking at their pictures, the couple seems to be quite in love and have been seen together in public often. Trinity is a familiar figure, so she is often asked about their intentions; the couple has not yet become engaged or married. And they haven’t revealed any details about their upcoming wedding.

The Trinity Rodman Family

According to our biography researcher team research, Trinity Rodman was born on May 20, 2002. Dennis Rodman and Michelle Moyer gave birth to her. Unfortunately for Rodman, his parents split in 2012 and Michelle is Dennis’ third marriage. They had a solid connection but separated after almost 10 years of marriage.

Dennis Rodman, Rodman’s father, is a former professional basketball player who was a well-known player in the late 1990s. Her father was known for his tenacity in defense and rebounding. Rodman has a close relationship with his parents; little information about her mother has been released. Rodman has two half-siblings, a famous basketball star named DJ Rodman and Alexis Rodman. She has had a modest public presence. The scoring player also has a close relationship with his step-siblings. She has a warm and welcoming demeanor.

Trinity Rodman

Trinity Rodman net worth

According to the latest report, Rodman’s net worth is $1 million. The footballer has not disclosed his income from his profession; her primary source of money is her soccer career. Her salary will be reviewed annually and she will earn more in 2024-25, according to reports. She may also generate money from other sources, such as investments and businesses, which she has not disclosed.

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