Tyler Perry is single. The American actor, film producer, director, screenwriter, and author has never married anyone. He did, however, have a 13-year relationship with model Gelila Bekele, from which their only son, Aman Tyler Perry, was born.

Tyler and his ex-girlfriend/baby mama first met in 2007, but they kept their relationship private for two years before going public in 2009. The couple went on to have a great affair, leading many to believe they were married. Tyler and Gelila decided to divorce in 2020, but they have maintained a united front for the sake of their son.

Tyler Perry

Is Tyler Perry’s A Married Guy

Tyler Perry, the multi-talented American actor, is not married and has never married. He was, however, in a 13-year romantic relationship with Gelila Bekele, an Ethiopian-American model, documentary filmmaker, author, social media influencer, and activist.

Typer Perry and Gelila Bekele’s First Date

Tyler and his love interest first met in 2007, according to reports. The ex-lovers attended a Prince concert that year and nothing was heard about their relationship until 2009 when it became public on social media platforms. Many have concluded that the celebrity couple fell in love at first sight but chose to keep their affair private in order to avoid unnecessary publicity.

What Was The Relation Between Tyler Perry And Gelila Bekele

If the rumors that Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele began dating immediately after meeting in 2007 are true, the couple’s relationship has lasted more than a decade. The couple had an on-again, off-again relationship since their affair became public knowledge. However, they made the conscious decision to begin cohabiting in 2014.

Because of their live-in arrangement, fans began to see them as husband and wife, and these claims began to ring true after they welcomed their son. People quickly labeled them as “a sweet family.”

People soon began to speculate that Tyler and Gelila may have secretly married. This claim gained traction on June 11, 2017, when American vocalist Stephanie Mills referred to Bekele as Perry’s wife. The Instagram post, it goes without saying, sounded like a hint that they had secretly married after all.

Tyler Perry and his love interest barely mentioned their relationship in public while it was going on. They were, however, frequently seen together at public events, movie award nights, and functions.

Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele separated

Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele had six years of parenthood during their 13 years together, but that did not guarantee a longer relationship.

Tyler revealed in an Instagram post dated December 17th, 2020 that he had recently become single and was wondering what life had in store for him. Fans wasted no time in investigating the reasons for their breakup, and according to reports, it was all Perry’s fault. His hectic schedule made maintaining a positive relationship with Gelila impossible.

Despite their divorce, the couple remained close friends and focused on raising their only child. Perry, for his part, has never denied his attraction to Bekele, and the American entertainer claims that he is always drawn back to her.

Perry described his baby mama as an amazing woman with whom he will always want to be involved. According to the actor, “there is no other woman on the planet with whom he would wish to sire a child than Bekele.”

Is Tyler Perry The Father Of A Biological Child?

Tyler Perry does have one biological child, a son from his relationship with Gelila Bekele. According to the American actor, he was on a Facetime call with his ex, Gelila Bekele, when she announced her pregnancy while holding a pregnancy stick with a positive result.

The couple’s bundle of joy was born on November 30, 2014, and was named Aman Tyler Perry. Aman, whose godmother is Oprah Winfrey, was christened the following November. Oprah has known the actor for her entire life.

Aman Patents Are Still Alive?

Despite the fact that his parents are no longer together, Aman, 8, has been a source of joy for both of them since his arrival. Tyler once boasted about his son’s intelligence to Kelly and Ryan, revealing that his son began reading at the age of three. During an interview with People, the actor described Aman as his healer, referring to the youngster as the one who will bring him great joy. Perry stated that it has been a joy to watch Aman grow.

Tyler Perry, who experienced sexual and physical abuse as a child, said his child made him wonder how someone could be cruel to such a pure child. Gelila, for her part, has been doing her best to be a good mother to her son. According to the Ethiopian model, she would like to raise Aman with knowledge of her country’s heritage, but her own parenting style will not include those customs she described as “silent to children.”

Gelila described her people’s culture as one in which adults assume they know everything. Traditional discipline is not always the best option. Gelila stated that she wants to parent Aman based on what works best for him, rather than what her parents taught her as a child.

Tyler and Gelila have been doing everything they can to keep Aman safe from prying eyes since the day he was born. The boy is currently completing his primary education, but the institution of learning he attends is unknown.

Tyler Perry Relationship Status

Gelila is not the only woman Tyler Perry has dated, according to reports. Long before he met his child’s mother, the American entertainer was linked to movie star Tasha Smith, whom he frequently featured in his films in the 2000s; it was during this time that they were rumored to be dating, but neither of them confirmed the claims.

Perry was also rumored to be dating television personality Tyra Banks, but both parties denied this. The couple was frequently seen together at various events and occasions.


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