Shawn Bradley and his ex-wife Annette Evertson have six children. During his over two-decade marriage to Evertson, the former Philadelphia 76ers center had four daughters – Chelsea, Charity, Cheyenne, and Ciara – and two sons – Chase and Chance.

Bradley is also the adoptive father of Haylie, Dubbie, and Max, the three children of his current wife, Carrie Cannon, from a previous marriage. In 2017, the former athlete shocked the world by ending his marriage to Annette Evertson, a woman he once claimed he couldn’t live without. However, the reason for this unexpected turn of events has yet to be revealed. Here’s what we know about the family life of the former New Jersey Nets and Dallas Mavericks center.

Shawn Bradley

Shawn Bradley’s Ex-Wife Annette Evertson’s Children

Shawn Paul Bradley, 51, was born on March 22, 1972, in Landstuhl, Germany, to Reiner and Teresa Bradley. He was married to Annette Evertson-Bradley for nearly a quarter-century.

They first met at a Mormon church in Philadelphia, where Annette was a guest speaker. She had spoken about her missionary work in South Florida on that fateful day, and Bradley had been one of those in attendance who had listened intently. It was love at first sight for the then-Philadelphia 76ers center, and he did not hesitate to express his desire to be in a relationship with her.

She agreed to his request, and Shawn was ready to take things to the next level of marriage just two months into the relationship. To many, their marriage seemed hasty, but the nearly two decades they spent together justified that decision. Shawn Bradley’s wife for the entire dozen years of his professional NBA career, Annette Evertson-Bradley, was credited by the former player with helping him get through some of his toughest moments.

Shawn Bradley knows a thing or two about large families, having grown up in a relatively large household with three siblings and two parents, but even he couldn’t have predicted how large his own family would be. The former couple is the parents of six children. Annette Evertson was a caring and capable mother to their four daughters, Charity, Chelsea, Ciara, and Cheyenne, and two sons, Chase and Chance, in addition to being his most trusted companion during those arduous topsy-turvy years. These children are now adults, and here’s what we know about them.

Charity Bradley Plays Volleyball

Charity Bradley was born in Plano, Texas, on September 23, 1998. Her birth sign is Libra, and she is of white Caucasian ethnicity. She is 24 years old right now. Charity Bradley identifies as an American citizen primarily because she was born in the United States and her mother is an American. She is, however, in touch with her German ancestors, thanks to her father.

Charity Bradley Education Level

Charity Bradley’s formal educational background includes the well-documented fact that she started high school at Waterford High School, a Sandy 2A private school. When her family relocated to St. George, the celebrity child enrolled in Desert Hills High School for her senior year of high school.

The celebrity child attended Washington State University after high school before transferring to the University of Portland in 2021. Charity Bradley is living proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Like her father, the 24-year-old is heavily involved in sports.

At 6 feet 4 inches tall, one could easily assume she has followed in her father’s footsteps by playing basketball. Charity Bradley, who previously played soccer, basketball, and volleyball, has primarily focused on volleyball since her high school years.

She is also very good at what she does, as evidenced by her individual records as a member of the Washington State Cougars (2017 – 2020) and the University of Portland Pilots (2021). Charity Bradley keeps a low profile when it comes to her personal life, and as a result, we have yet to learn whether she is in a romantic relationship or not.

Shawn Bradley And Annette Bradley’s Children

While Charity Bradley is undoubtedly the most well-known of the Bradley children, she is far from the only daughter of the retired NBA player. Shawn Bradley and his ex-wife Annette had three more children, Chelsea, Ciara, and Cheyenne.

However, little is known about those three, including when they were born, their formal educational background, what they currently do for a living, and how their personal lives are currently. Shawn Bradley and Annette Evertson allegedly divorced after nearly 25 years of marriage in 2017. Shawn has since remarried and moved his two sons, Chase and Chance, into his new home.

Aside from a few pictures of the boys on the internet and the fact that they are currently living with their father, the media and the general public are unaware of what Shawn Bradley’s sons from his first marriage are up to.

Shawn Bradley’s Adopted children

Shawn Bradley found love again in the arms of Carrie Cannon after his divorce from Annette Evertson-Bradley nee Tanner. We still don’t know how, when, or where they met, but we do know that they married in 2018. Carrie Cannon was previously married before marrying the 7-foot-6-inch retired Dallas Mavericks center.

Her marriage to an unidentified ex-husband resulted in three children, Haylie, Dubbie, and Max. According to some sources, her divorce settlement includes the biological father of her children relinquishing his parental rights. Shawn Bradley was more than willing to adopt her children when she married him.

Despite being accepted into the Bradley family, Shawn Bradley’s adopted children, Haylie, Dubbie, and Max, have chosen to live their lives away from the media and public eye. This development has also meant that important details about their lives, such as when or where they were born, their formal educational background, and what they do for a living, have been withheld from the media and the general public.

According to Shawn’s interview with TMZ Sports in 2021, his adopted children are still teenagers, most likely still in high school. They live in St. George, Utah, with the former pro-baller, their mother, and two stepbrothers, Chase and Chance.


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