2023 marks the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who and Russell T. Davies’ return as series showrunner, both of which have caused a resurgence of fan interest in the sci-fi classic. While there’s plenty of content in the original show, with nearly 900 episodes between the classic series and the revival, the spin-offs are also worth watching. The most notable of these is Torchwoodwhich follows Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and his team operating out of Cardiff as they manage alien invaders and even the occasional time traveler overlooked by the Doctor.

The series asks what happens when the doctor doesn’t come to save the day, and shows how extraordinary many people are in their own right, with the skills and bravery to face these threats on their own.

Created by Russell T. Davies with significant input from Chris Chibnall, Torchwood hits the best sci-fi elements Doctor Who with a more grown-up perspective that highlights relationship drama and moral dilemmas too mature for the original show.


Where can I watch Torchwood?

For those in the US, Torchwood can be streamed on HBO Maxeither through its own system or as a channel from Prime Video. In the UK it can be streamed on Sky TV and BBC iPlayer. For those who would rather buy the series, it can be purchased on Apple TV, Amazon, Vudu or Google Play for $1.99 ($2.99 ​​HD) per episode. episodes or as an entire season at a reduced price.

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Is Torchwood available on Amazon Prime?

John Barrowman as Captain Jack in Torchwood

Amazon is an excellent source for Torchwood contentswith options to stream the series through the HBO Max Channel, purchase individual episodes on Prime Video or even buy the whole series on DVD and Blu-ray. All four seasons are available under each of these options, with the physical copies listed at just over $50.

Where can I watch Torchwood Season 1?

Torchwood cast

Season 1 of Torchwood is available to stream on HBO Max (US), Sky TV (UK) or BBC iPlayer (UK). The first season follows Gwen Cooper as she integrates into the Torchwood 3 team and finds her place as the heart of a team that tends towards ruthlessness. Across 13 hour-long episodes, each member of the team must face their vulnerabilities as time and space begin to fall apart.

Those looking to buy the entire first season have a wide range of options. On Amazon, a physical copy of season 1 is available for $19.29 (DVD) or $24.82 (Multiformat). Digital copies of the entire season can be found for $24.99 (SD) or $37.99 (HD) on Apple TV, Google Play, Prime Video or Vudu.

How is the Torchwood timeline connected to Doctor Who?

Jack, the Ninth Doctor and Rose stand side by side in Doctor Who

Though Torchwood can be seen completely apart from Doctor Who, there are critical connections between the two series, especially when it comes to the shows’ timelines. Captain Jack Harkness was introduced in season one of the Doctor Who, and in the finale he gained immortality before being stranded in the year 200,100. He managed to return to Earth in the mid-19th century, where he then joined Torchwood while waiting for the Doctor to return. Although it is not as complicated as others Doctor Who timelines, the connections between shows after this point require some explanation.

The first season of Torchwood aired between seasons 2 and 3 of Doctor Whobut must be seen as mostly concurrent with the third season, with the season one finale of Torchwood just before season 3 episode 11 of Doctor Who“Utopia.”

Season 2 of Torchwood then seems to play out mostly concurrently with season 4 of Doctor Wholeading up to The Torchwood Team (after the Season 2 finale) appearing in the Season 4 finale of Doctor Who. The two then show completely separate too Torchwood 3 and 4 and Doctor Who seasons 5 through 11. It is unclear exactly which point in Torchwood the timeline Jack was on when he briefly returned to Doctor Who in season 12.

Will there be a Season 5 of Torchwood?

Torchwood Jack Gwen

Recently, rumors have arisen that a televised fifth season of Torchwood may be on the horizon, thanks Russell T. Davies’ desire to expand Doctor Who franchise into an MCU-like shared universe. However, there are many obstacles to this, including the recurring controversy surrounding John Barrowman.

However, there is still hope! Torchwood was never technically cancelled, and a fifth season was released in 2017 as an audio drama titled Torchwood: Aliens Among Us. Jack Harkness also returned to Doctor Who in 2021 and said scholarship holder Torchwood Agent Gwen Cooper. Eve Myles wrote on Twitter in December 2022 that she had not been contacted about a restart, but it is quite possible that more Torchwood will be coming in the near future as part of “lots of content” Davies promised fans in Doctor Who Magazine.

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