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Ship Parts in Starfield is the first aid on hand for your ships. Used in and out of combat, Ship Parts repair, upgrade, and keep you from exploding. They are some of the most important items in the game, and when fighting in space, they can seriously help restore energy to the hull to keep your momentum going. The feature of being able to repair a ship mid-flight is why Ship Parts are so valuable.

When looking for Ship Parts around Starfield‘s massive galaxy, consider that you can either buy, earn, or scavenge them. This means putting effort into finding these parts is worthwhile if you plan to use your current ship long-term. These resources are uncommon to find while roaming but can be bought in regulated and non-regulated stores. Knowing how to repair ships in Starfield using Ship Parts while in combat can save your ship’s health in a pinch.

Where To Find Ship Parts

Citizens wander a dark, dirty, neon-lit street with a neon yellow sign for the Trade Authority in the background

If you are considering buying Ship Parts in Starfield, look towards big cities and factions. This list of storefronts that sell Ship Parts:

Vendor Name


UC Exchange Shops

Cydonia & New Atlantis

Jemison Mercantile

New Atlantis, Jemison

Sheperd’s General Store


Sieghart’s Outfitters


Newill’s Goods


Trade Authority Kiosk

New Atlantis

Vendors will sell them for 1225 credits each in the Aid category of the shop. They will typically come in units of 5 and, after 24 hours of in-game time, have a chance of restocking. The best vendors in Starfield will typically have Ship Parts in stock. Additionally, if you stumble upon a fight between the UC and Freestar Collective, save their members and request Ship Parts as compensation.

Since Ship Parts have a mass of 10.00, consider buying as much as you need and storing them on your ship’s cargo hold.

How To Target Ships For Ship Parts

Starfield Ship Targeting for Ship Parts

You can also battle with other ships for Ship Parts drops. To begin combat with another ship, YouTuber GamersHeros recommends leveling up the Tech Trait Targeting Control System by 1. When the player gets close enough to a targeted ship, the panel will lock on to the different parts of the ship, such as the engines or weapons. Continue to bombard the ship in front of you until the Cargo Hold detaches, or you can board and loot the ship.

How To Repair Ships Using Ship Parts

A Custom Ship flying in space in Starfield

Ship Parts will restore around 4% of your ship’s hull for 10 seconds. It is important to ensure your ship stays stable by using them after your ship’s shields disengage from combat or other harmful factors. If low on health mid-flight, watch the bottom right of the screen, where a notification of Repair Ship can be triggered with the Xbox’s RS button. Alternatively, go to the Ship Menu after the fight, and a prompt of “Repair” will pop up for you. The better the ship’s upgrades in Starfield, the stronger the shields and hull will be.

Source: YouTube/GamersHeros

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