Part of a side story in the Great Desert, players can find eyelashes The Camel in One Piece Odyssey for Berries and rewards from Saien the Scientist.

As you travel through the deserts of Alabasta in One Piece Odyssey, a special Side Story mission named “The Truth About Eye-Lashes” has players find Eyelashes The Camel, a creature lost in the Great Sand Desert whose recovery is requested by Saien the Scientist. Although the main objective of the narrative sees players traveling through the desert, those who take the time to explore eyelashes can receive not only a significant Berry reward, but also two additional items. Players should also be ready for battle during their search, as the Strawhats aren’t the only ones looking for this strange beast.


The strange recluse of the great sandy desert, Sai the scientist, leaves Luffy and the crew to find eyelashes outside Sandy ruins, where the beast’s footprints eventually lead. When you open their Mapplayers may see an icon related to this Side Story mission in One Piece Odyssey through one teal compass symbol showing possible places to look.

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Saving Eyelashes The Camel in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey Great Sandy Desert Map Camel

Eyelashes The camel can be seen with one group of people near the northeastern part of the region, with a distant blue alert appearing above their head when players spot them. As soon as the crew identifies eyelashes through his signature feature, a fight breaks out with another group who want to sell The Camel to the circus.

There is four enemies in total during the fight that breaks out after finding Eyelashes The Camel, which thankfully doesn’t remain too difficult after some time due to each enemy’s small health. Players who focus on single targets for quick knockouts are easily able to reduce the number of hits the characters in their One Piece Odyssey party in a given combat round. Members of the crew such as Unstoppable and Sanji are particularly useful in this fight, as their attacks can consistently deal enough damage to take down targets every time it’s their turn.

Returning to Saien the Scientist, a little bit of dialogue begins where players share what they’ve learned about Eyelashes The Camel with the wandering intellectual. After the end of the side story, 30,000 berries is rewarded, which goes hand in hand with XP served to fight the would-be eyelash kidnappers.

The other two items players get to find the Camel Eyelashes in the story One Piece Odyssey is Eyelashes Record Cube and Saien’s necklaceitems that provide information about the creature and serve as a cosmetic piece respectfully.

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