First part of the South Korean revenge drama The glory hit Netflix on December 30 – and now a release date has been confirmed for part two.

The glory follows Moon Dong-eun (played by Song Hye-kyo), who is described as a broken woman after being abused as a child. Dong-eun dedicates her adulthood to plotting cold-blooded revenge against the perpetrators.

The glory also stars Lee Do-hyun as Joo Yeo-jung, a man with a hidden past. Ji Yeon Lim, Sung Hoon Park, Yeom Hye Ran and Sung Il Jung also star.

Synopsis for The glory reads, “Moon Dong-eun dreamed of becoming an architect in high school. But after suffering a brutally violent attack from her bullies, Moon Dong-eun is forced to drop out of school. Years later, the bully got married, got a child and attends the same elementary school where Moon Dong-eun now works as a home tutor. After years of planning, Moon Don-eun begins her revenge plan against her former bullies and the students who stood by and let it happen.”

The glory is managed by filmmaker Ahn Gil-ho, who has previously worked on Memories from the Alhambra and Record Of Youth. Together with Ahn as screenwriter, the acclaimed Kim Eun-sook, known for her work on hit K-dramas, works, among others. Descendants of the sun and Goblin.

After the first part of The glory the series premiered on the streaming platform on December 30, 2022, and the series has since seen global success after ranking within top 10 non-english global netflix charts for three consecutive weeks with a total of 148 million hours watched worldwide.

There will be a part 2 of The glory?

Lee Do-Hyun as Joo Yeo-jeong, Song Hye-kyo as Moon Dong-eun in ‘The Glory’. CREDIT: Netflix

According to director Ahn Gil-ho, The glory part 2 is not only confirmed but already filmed and ready to go.

Gil-ho announced the news at a press conference in December: “[Season] 1 will be released on December 30 and [season] 2 will be released around March.”

“I ask for your interest and love,” he added.

On January 18, Netflix confirmed a release date for Part 2: March 10. “If you’ve seen Part 1, you won’t be able to resist Part 2,” screenwriter Kim Eun-sook said of the upcoming season, per press release from Netflix. “Part 2 is refreshingly satisfying and shockingly intense.”

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