Magicycle Deer is a full-suspension e-bike that is ideal for both city tours and off-road riding. But is it worth $2,699?

That Magicycle Deer is the company’s latest electric bike, but what features can buyers expect for the hefty $2,699 asking price? The e-bike space may not enjoy the same popularity as electric vehicles, but some interesting micro-mobility solutions have recently been introduced. SUV bikes are gradually filling the scene with products that promise a healthy balance between convenience and performance. Unique features such as muscular frames and fat tires make them the perfect companion for both urban commuting and off-road expeditions.


That Magicycle Deer was launched as the first full-suspension e-bike SUV in the US. As mentioned, SUV bikes combine performance with comfort, and that’s exactly what Deer offers. According to Magicycle, Deer blends the characteristics of three different e-bikes – a step-thru commuter e-bike, a trekking e-bike and a full-suspension mountain bike. It is available in two variants — Stepover and Step Thru (Off-Road and Touring versions available). Both cost the same, $2,699, so choosing one of the models depends on the buyer’s needs. Both trims have suspension systems mounted with the frame, making them more comfortable when riding on rough terrain. They offer 80 miles of range, seven levels of pedal assist, and a maximum payload capacity of 400 lbs.

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An adventure-ready E-bike

A man riding a Deer E-Bike SUV on rough terrain
Image: Magicycle

Perhaps the most important feature of the Deer e-bike, the full suspension system guarantees that riders will be comfortable on the roughest trails. Riders will also experience active shock absorption, especially on off-road rides. Magicycle claims that its e-bike can handle any number of bumps without compromising the stability of the ride. The inclusion of hydraulic disc brakes ensures that riders get improved braking efficiency. The Deer’s large payload capacity (400 lbs) should attract buyers of various sizes. Its spacious rear rack allows riders to carry plenty of cargo for off-road trips or groceries from the supermarket.

The Deer e-bike promises a long range across different landscapes thanks to the availability of a 52V battery with a large capacity. Based on the 21700 cell technology, Magicycle’s latest bike can not only travel up to 80 miles, but the 52V 20AH power also greatly optimizes battery life. The battery is integrated in the downtube and can be removed as needed. The Hjort’s other performance details include a top speed of 28mph (with pedal assist) and a 750W 80Nm high-output motor.

When purchasing a Deer e-bike, a short-circuit-proof 3A fast charger is included, which can provide a full charge in four to seven hours. Riders interested in getting more range can purchase an additional 52V 20AH battery for $699. The bike has an LCD display that allows riders to pre-arrange display settings depending on their preferences and environment. The company recommends that riders be between 5’5″ and 6’8″ in height. Magicycle Deer Electric bike SUV models are available in three color options – Dawn Yellow, Space Gray and Neon Green.

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