Below deck chef Ben Robinson has had his fair share of relationships. He has dated several Below Deck alums, but he is currently single.

Ever since under deck season 1 introduced Chef Ben Robinson, his dating life has been a hot topic and there has been some interest in his relationship. Although it was difficult for Ben to find love on board, he was always a master in the galley. The dishes that Chef Ben made were occasionally criticized. When they were, he wasn’t always happy about it.

under deck Ben Robinson’s skills as a chef are probably much more important to him than some of his charter hookups. However, it is not difficult to notice that many of the females on under deck fell for chef Ben. In fact, some women could hardly keep their hands off the charismatic under deck chef. Ben became a reality star before several newer chefs joined the Bravo franchise, making him the OG under deck chef. On board, Ben had a short temper, but he always tried to keep it under control around his crew members and the guests. However, there were a few times in his yacht chef career when Ben could barely hold it together around his crew.


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Below Deck Chef Ben Robinson’s Flings

ben hannah below deck with

In Ben’s first year under deck, he had several flings with women on the show. His first attempt was with the other stew Kat Held, who appeared in under deck seasons 1 and 2. The couple tried to keep their romance a secret as Kat had a boyfriend at the time, but the camera caught them on board. Ben never became romantically involved with Hannah Ferrier during their first Below deck Mediterranean season together, but Hannah flirted quite heavily with the chef. However, Ben had a fling after the last charter with third stew Tiffany Copeland. In the following season of Under deck Medit was revealed that Ben had hooked up with Lauren Cohen, who is linked to Jennifer Lopez, after meeting at an event in New York City.

Ben & Chief Stew Kate Chastain

Although it was never shown on camera, both Kate and Ben have admitted to having an intimate relationship off camera. The former chef has been open about their past relationship, even admitting it was nothing more than a casual fling. Nevertheless, she and Ben have managed to remain good friends and even comment on each other’s Instagram posts from time to time. Kate has confessed that the chef is her all-time favorite crew member, adding, “It may be because we had seex.” (via Us Weekly).

Fellow stew Emily Warburton-Adams lived with chef Ben

Emily Warburton-Adams promo photo for Below Deck

During under deck season 4, Ben started a relationship with fellow stew, Emily Warburton-Adams. The pair went on several dates during their season and even continued their romance when they left Valor. After leaving the yacht, the couple lived in Fort Lauderdale together for a year before deciding to call it quits. Ben revealed during a podcast episode of the After Deck with Kate Chastain in 2017 that he and Emily were no longer together.

Kiara Cabral and Chef Ben may still be together

chef ben below deck kiara

Chef Ben began a new relationship in 2020 with Kiara Cabral. The couple became Instagram official in May 2020 after Ben shared a photo of the pair in matching outfits during their stay at LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort in Naples, Florida (via BravoTV). However, the pair do not appear to be together anymore, as Ben appeared on Under deck Med, has deleted all pictures of them from his social media. Nonetheless, Leg and Kiara follow each other on Instagram, so even though they’ve broken up, it looks like they’re on friendly terms.

Chef Ben has a long history of hooking up and dating women from under deck franchise. Now that he’s no longer on the show, it looks like Ben may have to look for love outside of Bravo and the yachting industry. Luckily for Ben, his fans have been along for the ride and are keeping an eye on his love life.

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