American rock icons Red Hot Chili Peppers are returning to New Zealand, Australia and Asia soon – here’s what their setlists for their highly anticipated shows could look like.

Anthony Kiedis and co. kick off their tour in Auckland on Saturday (January 21) before moving on to Dunedin on January 28 and Brisbane the following day. The quartet will then perform in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to conclude their Australia and New Zealand leg of the tour, before taking on Singapore – their only gig in South East Asia – and then two dates in Japan.

These shows are not to be missed for Chili Peppers fans: in addition to being the first shows in the region with fan-favorite guitarist John Frusciante since his initial exit from the band in 2009, fans will also witness live performances by several new songs from the Peppers’ two 2022 albums. (Post Malone taking on the whole Australia and New Zealand run shouldn’t hurt either.)

But what about the classics? What about rarities? Below, we break down what Australasia fans can expect given the band’s ever-changing set list.

The classics

Based on setlists from Red Hot Chili Peppers’ recent concerts, fans can expect to hear the band perform a host of hits and classics such as ‘Can’t Stop’ along with ‘Dani California’, ‘Snow (Hey Oh)’, ‘Californication’ , ‘Scar Tissue’, ‘Give It Away’, ‘Suck My Kiss’, ‘Right On Time’, ‘Me & My Friends’ and more.

The newbies

Following the 2022 release of their back-to-back albums ‘Unlimited Love’ and ‘Return of the Dream Canteen’, fans can expect to hear some tracks from these records played at upcoming shows. These could include ‘Return Of The Dream Canteen’s ‘Tippa My Tongue’, ‘The Drummer’ and ‘Fake As Fuck’ – all of which made their live debuts at the band’s latest performance at iHeartRadio ALTer EGO on January 14.

Other tracks from ‘Unlimited Love’ that could be performed live, based on RHCP’s recent concerts, include ‘The Heavy Wing’ and ‘Here Ever After’.

The rarities

While the Chili Peppers are known for hits like ‘Californication’, ‘Snow (Hey Oh)’ and ‘Can’t Stop’, the band is also celebrated for their rarities – the songs they only play once in a blue moon. Given the band’s discography spanning nearly four decades and a penchant for ever-changing set lists, concertgoers could potentially see a handful of rarities thrown around during the tour. Some favorites fans would no doubt love to hear are ‘Under The Bridge’ (which was apparently scrapped from their 2022 tour), ‘Higher Ground’ and ‘Get Up And Jump’, among a host of other songs that didn’t has been played for ages.

John Frusciante performs as with Red Hot Chili Peppers on iHeartRadio ALTer EGO. Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty

Frusciante offer

Frusciante’s return was announced in December 2019, but RHCP has not had the chance to tour extensively with him due to the COVID-19 pandemic that broke out in early 2020. Now that live music is back in full swing across the globe and Frusciante is properly back with a band, fans can expect to see him deliver some juicy solos and play some of his own key Chili Peppers compositions. Shoo-ins are ‘Under The Bridge’ and ‘Scar Tissue’, but other options are ‘Magic Johnson’, ‘If You Have To Ask’, ‘Around The World’, ‘Universally Speaking’ and ‘Hump de Bump’.

The fittings

The Red Hot Chili Peppers also enjoy the occasional cover, recently performing the opening verse and chorus of Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, their favorites Stevie Wonder’s ‘Higher Ground’ and Loggins & Messina’s ‘Danny’s Song’ and The Ramones’ ‘I Remember Du ‘. While the band has only performed ‘Danny’s Song’ recently, fans can probably expect ‘Higher Ground’ to be aired at some point as it is the band’s most popular cover to date.

The latest setlists

Watch the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ last recorded festival set list at the Kia Forum in Inglewood for the iHeartRadio ALTer EGO on January 14:

‘Intro Jam’
‘Fake As Fuck’ (Live Debut)
‘Black Summer’
‘Snow (Hey Oh)’
‘Aquatic Mouth Dance’
‘The Drummer’ (Live debut)
‘Danny’s Song’ (Loggins & Messina cover)
John Frusciante Solo
‘Tippa My Tongue’ (Live Debut)

Also, check out the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ recently recorded set list for a headlining concert that took place in Austin, Texas on October 16 below.

‘Intro Jam’
‘Around the world’
‘Dani California’
‘Universally speaking’
‘Danny’s Song’ (Loggins & Messina cover)
‘Snow (Hey Oh)’
‘Me and my friends’
‘I could have lied’
‘Suck My Kiss’
‘The Heavy Wing’
‘Black Summer’
“What is soul?” (Funkadelic cover)
‘Give it away’

‘Soul To Squeeze’

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