90 day fiance star Caesar Mack was last seen in 90 days: The single life season 3 with girlfriend Alona Sivriuk and it’s time to answer questions about what happened to him after the show. The 49-year-old Caesar debuted with his Ukrainian love interest Maria Divine in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 4. Caesar’s five-year relationship with Maria was sketchy. It seemed like every time he made a plan to meet her, Maria bailed on him. TLC viewers were sure that Caesar was hit by catfish. He used to send Maria $800 a month, even though they only communicated by phone. However, Maria turned out to be real.


After his failed relationship on 90 day fiance with Maria, Caesar got together with Aya, a woman from Louisiana whom he had met on Facebook. However, Caesar was a free agent when he did his thing Single life comeback and flew to Kiev, Ukraine. It was there that he met three different women via a matchmaker. Alona was Caesar’s third date and agreed to be his girlfriend after two dates. However, Caesar returned to America when Ukraine was invaded by Russia, promising to return, only to later reveal that they were divided.

90-Day Fiancé Star Caesars spends time with friends

In June 2022, Ben Rathbun introduced his new friend on Instagram. It was none other than Caesar that Ben was going out on the town with. Ben and Caesar had declared themselves “90 days brothers for life.” Although Caesar hasn’t talked much about his friendship with Ben since then, he continues to share updates about how active his social life is. Caesar recently posted a video from his friend Shawn’s retirement party. “Wow, I thought you were one of those silent guys. I hope you found love,” one fan wrote in the comments. “Why can’t you date one of those lovely ladies instead of Ukrainian gold diggers?asked another.

90 Day Fiancé Star Cæsar is working on his fitness

Caesar started his weight loss journey during the lockdown. He kept busy by going to the gym and honing his fitness. It looked like Caesar was trying to get a revenge body after Mary rejected him. There was also a rumor that Caesar was going to appear on the Discovery show, Naked and scared. The rapid weight loss gave Caesar a youthful appearance. He added a lot of cardio to his workout routine, such as the treadmill, and documented his leg workouts on Instagram. In March 2023, Caesar revealed that he is still in training by sharing a seflie with his “bros” working out on Instagram.

Who is Caesar dating in 2023 after 90 days engaged?

Below 90 days: The single life season 3 Tell-All Alona admitted that she had, “friendly feelings” about Caesar. At the time, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, Alona was unable to meet Caesar. She said it would take a face-to-face meeting for her to decide if she wanted to get back together with the nail expert. It doesn’t work like Caesar and Alona ended up meeting since she’s still in Ukraine, according to her Instagram.

90 day fiance star Caesar posted a photo with a mystery woman in October 2022 with the caption “reunite with love and positivity.” She appears to be single in 2023. That’s because there are no new photos of her on his feed.

Sources: Caesar Mack/Instagram, Alona Sivriuk/Instagram

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