Death is an inevitable part of life and therefore brings misery when it occurs. No one can be spared from this curse. Let’s see what caused the death of the famous Mexican singer Neto Reyno.

How did Neto Reyno die?

Neto Reyno was a rapper from Mexico who took his last breath at the age of 40 on Monday, i.e. on December 19, 2022. The news of the famous musician’s death shocked everyone.

The actual cause of his death is unknown, but according to the sources, it is known that he was undergoing chemotherapy in September when he asked for good wishes from his fans.

Neto Reyno’s cause of death

Neto was specifically dedicated to the hip-hop style of singing. His first song was “Low Quarters” which won many hearts. Neto is also known for his hit single, “Las Consecuencias.” As a rapper, producer and musician, he took his career to the next level.

On September 1, Neto informed his friends about his chemotherapy, indicating that he must have cancer affecting his body. His fans and followers showed their sympathy for the artist.

What happened to Neto Reyno?

Born in 1981, the famous rapper Neto Reyno quickly gained popularity in music and singing. His death on Monday was a cause for mourning for many young people. His style was different in itself, which won many hearts.

Although the cause of his death is not disclosed in the media, the cause is most likely related to cancer. His previous appeal to the audience in September to pray for his health revealed that he is undergoing some treatment related to chemotherapy.

His fans have shown sympathy for his health. After the news of his death began screening, fans showed their grief.


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