My 600 lb life Carrie Johnson from Season 9 had a dramatic journey on the show, full of ups and downs that left everyone curious as to what happened to her after her episode. Carrie, who originally weighed over 600 pounds, had spent a lifetime battling her weight. After a tragic accident during routine weight-loss surgery that killed Carrie’s father, the 37-year-old Texan used food as a coping mechanism and found herself fighting for her own life due to her weight gain. With her health in jeopardy, Carrie also had trouble keeping her marriage to her husband, Chris Johnson, afloat.


The couple, who were both overweight, had struggled after Carrie had a miscarriage and ultimately had to have a hysterectomy. They wanted to have a child together, but the strain that it was no longer an option was hard on their relationship. While Carrie and Chris were committed to their marriage, it was clear that they were dealing with more than just struggles with their physical health. Carrie consulted Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, AKA Dr. Now, to get help with her weight loss journey, and after some difficulty, she was able to qualify for weight loss surgery. Although she was nervous, the operation went smoothly.

My 600-Lb Life Alum Carrie Johnson is still with Chris

Carrie had dealt with rough relationship issues before she met her husband, Chris. A single mother, Carrie had her daughter at a young age and remained single for several years. According to Distract, Carrie started online dating and met a man she thought she could trust. After meeting in person and continuing their relationship, Carrie’s partner became abusive towards her and her daughter. The man threatened her daughter’s life, which led to Carrie deciding to end the relationship. She later met Chris and finally found happiness with her now husband, but first had to deal with her share of adversity.

Carrie and her husband, Chriswas clearly in love with her episode of My 600-lb life, even as they went through their rough patches after her miscarriage. The couple were honest with the cameras, explaining that the miscarriage and hysterectomy caused a rift in their intimacy, admitting that they had not been physically intimate for over a year at the time of filming. With Carrie’s increased weight, as well as Chris’s, things were difficult for the couple in terms of physical affection. Fortunately, their relationship became stronger than ever after Carrie’s weight loss surgery and recovery. The couple are still together and write about each other on their Facebook pages.

My 600-Lb Life’s Carrie Johnson is a weight loss success story

Carrie Johnson of My 600 lb. Life

Carrie’s weight loss has been slower than anyone else’s My 600 lb life patients, but she has been able to lose weight over the years since her episode. Starting out at over 600 pounds, Carrie weighed in at 442 pounds after the first few months of diet and exercise and qualified for weight loss surgery. After her surgery, Carrie continued to lose weight successfully, remembering that health is a marathon, not a sprint. With Chris participating in her weight loss regime, the pair were able to push each other and slim down even as they continue to work on their health.

Carrie keeps her Facebook page updated and gives her followers a peek into her life with Chris. The couple have two pugs that they often post about, and according to some of the comments on their photos, they take them everywhere. While Carrie rarely posts full body photos, her face has slimmed down since her time My 600 lb life. Most recent, Carrie posted about her weight loss with a photo of her from the shoulders up, smiling for the camera. She captioned the photo, “Still making all the progress! Just keep pushing. #progressnotperfection” along with a few emojis for emphasis.

Although she doesn’t post too often, Carrie takes the time to respond to some of the comments on her photos. On her post, her husband Chris left a sweet comment saying: “Your [sic] just so beautiful! I am proud of your progress [sic] make it awesome!” While several of her other friends left supportive, sweet comments telling Carrie how proud they are of her for the progress she’s made. Although Carrie’s health journey started My 600 lb lifeit’s clear that has continued outside of the show and that her success has been nothing short of inspirational to those around her.

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