Elden Ring is widely considered a challenging game, but certain streamers have beaten its most terrifying bosses with the strangest controllers.

Many players found it difficult to hit Fire Ring and its many challenging bosses, but certain streamers have defeated many of its infamous enemies using the most unlikely of methods. Fire Ring was FromSoftware’s first true open-world game, and managed to establish a blueprint for the genre, inspiring players and developers alike with its design and immersive world. The game’s vast map was also filled with memorable boss encounters that continue to fill players with frustration and wonder.


Some players have managed to defeat Fire Ring bosses while taking no damage, while others have found ways to win frustrating battles by using glitches or cheesing strategies. Bosses like Malenia, the Blade of Miquella and Margit, the Fell Omen, have claimed the lives of countless Tarnished as players seek to become the Elden Lord. Many players gave up and never experienced some of the game’s most captivating moments. Still, streamers have found ways to use mods and unique controllers to triumph over what Fire Ring throws at his audience.

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Bananas are good for you, but bad for Elden Ring’s Godrick

Godrick the Grafted goes mad in battle in the Elden Ring.

Less than two weeks after Fire Ring was released, most players continued to perish to the game’s early bosses or accidentally wander east into the Caelid, but this was not the case for YouTuber and custom controller creator Super Louis 64. He managed to find a way to beat Fire Ring boss Godrick the Golden with several potassium-heavy bananas, which he turned into a controller by connecting them to a specialized circuit box and his computer.

The surprisingly functional and edible controller was not the first or last creation Super Louis 64 created for gaming. To be a big fan of Final Fantasy series, the hands-on creator has since developed a realistic replica of Cloud’s massive buster sword that would swing and stab at enemies using motion controls. His latest projects have seen him create new ways of playing FF14 using replica swords, books and his coding skills.

Music can be used to take down Elden Ring Bosses

Elden Ring boss Margit is seen holding her weapon as she stares down at the player's character, who has a large animated harp in front of her.

Music has always been a powerful tool in FromSoftware’s arsenal. Certain tracks have made specific bosses more intense, while other songs have made battles more memorable. Some players, as Reddit user Salad4Dayzhas harnessed the power of music for himself to defeat Fire Ring bosses. The Harpist made headlines with his string instrument by defeating Margit, The Fell Omen, one of the game’s most challenging early bosses.

Several musical instruments have been reused to play FromSoftware’s latest game. One of the weirdest gigs ever got Lettuce4Dayz with an electric saxophonist DrDeComposingand a pianist, ElementalityNJ player Fire Ring cooperative multiplayer with each of their instruments. The sounds from the musical controllers failed to produce any catchy tunes, but the streamers managed to capture enemies more effectively than many players using a traditional controller.

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A dance pad and a controller used on two Elden Ring Bosses simultaneously

Elden Rings Malenia surrounded by dance mats.

Streamer MissMikkaa has previously made headlines by defeating Fire Ring‘s Malenia with a dance pad controller made famous by Dance Dance Revolution. However, she recently topped that feat by defeating Fire Ring on PS5 using a standard controller and her dance pad with the PC version at the same time. The achievement has been published on Miss Mikka‘s Twitter account, but it took several days of streaming and one hundred and ninety-nine attempts before she defeated two Malenias in what MissMikkaa has dubbed The Ultimate Challenge Run.

Completing the game while using a dance pad has been done by a few talented streamers and the mods they use that help turn almost anything that can be plugged into a PC into a controller. Modding has also been used to improve the game as well as add humorous reskins to it Fire Rings characters. Not long after the game was released, the PC modding community exploded with fascinating new ways to play FromSoftware’s hit game.

Elden Ring mods give PC players a lot of options

An Elden Ring Mod in action shows Berserk's protagonist Guts in his berserker armor complete with his famous Dragon Slayer sword as the big and bright moon hovers above him.

Mods have allowed players to summon Fire Ring bosses as helpers, play as their favorite anime characters, which Berserk‘s Guts or Naruto Shippudenis Sasuke. While many players use mods to transform the game to their liking, other modders are finding ways to pit the game’s enemies against each other. A YouTuber known as BjornTheBear challenge the game’s toughest bosses by using mods to pit bosses against each other as well as a large number of standard enemies. They recently received hundreds of thousands of views in a video test to see if any Fire Ring boss was able to defeat fifty starving dog enemies.

The latest game from Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of games that Dark souls and Armored Core 4, has had a massive impact on the gaming industry. Players and developers who play Fire Ring without mods continues to captivate with its sense of discovery that so many other open-world games struggle to achieve. Modding has definitely added new and silly ways to overcome the many challenges FromSoftware has provided. While the audience waits for the talented developers to release Fire Ring DLC that Miyazaki has been teasing, modders and content creators will continue to find new and entertaining ways to enjoy Middle-earth.

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