The creators of Wednesday says Season 2 will expand on Jenna Ortega’s Latina heritage. Based on The Addams Family franchise, Wednesday debuted on Netflix in November 2022. The show was a huge success for Netflix, earning two Golden Globe nominations and being renewed for Season 2 in January. Wednesday the stars scream Queen Ortega, who plays the title role of Addams’ daughter.


In an interview with IndieWireco-creators Miles Millar and Al Gough have confirmed it Wednesday season 2 will expand on the eponymous character’s Latina background. Millar says it will look at more ways to explore Wednesday’s heritage, as her father Gomez is Latino, and the series will explore more of her upbringing. Read Millar’s full comment below:

“It’s so rare to find an iconic one [Latina] character of this stature. We really try to find ways to [highlight that] authentic. What did Wednesday listen to growing up? What would Gomez play? And finding moments where we could really make it feel like a girl growing up in New Jersey with a Latino parent, and how would that resonate with her as a teenager? This season we’re definitely looking for more ways to explore that.”

How Wednesday Season 2 can be expanded with more representations

Iman Marson as Lucas Walker and Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams on Wednesday

Although few details have been published about Wednesday season 2, it is likely that the season will not debut until 2024 at the earliest, especially with delays caused by the Writers Guild of America strike. Despite this Wednesday Season 1 launched Ortega to massive stardom, making her one of the few Latino actors currently starring in a major television series.

Not only can Wednesday season 2 expands on Ortega and Wednesday’s backgrounds, but it has the opportunity to expand on more areas of representation. Season 1 came under fire for its mishandling of black characters, with two of the only black actors on the show (Joy Sunday and Iman Marson) playing thugs. With that in mind, Wednesday season 2 has the opportunity to create more black protagonists, or to make existing characters more three-dimensional. Many Wednesday viewers have also called for a romantic relationship between Wednesday and Enid (Emma Myers), which could also expand the show’s LGBTQ+ representation.

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With so many film and television productions up in the air in the midst of the WGA strike, it may be some time before more progress is made regarding Wednesday season 2. However, it’s a positive sign that the creators are considering how to push for better representation on the show, especially with Netflix having a bad reputation for canceling shows with characters of color. Although it may still be at least a year out, Wednesday season 2 promises to expand its representation, a much-needed move for big shows like it.

Source: IndieWire

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