Josh Cottreau, the frontman of Sydney punk outfit Fangz, has attempted to break a world record as part of the band’s music video for their new single, ‘Let’s Talk’.

Released today (June 23), the band’s new single ‘Let’s Talk’ comes with an accompanying music video, in which Cottreau is seen devouring a staggering 143 hard-boiled eggs in three minutes to unofficially beat Guinness World Records’ last recorded successful attempt 141 eggs eaten in eight minutes by Joey Chestnut.

Watch Fangz’s music video for ‘Let’s Talk’, which captures Josh Cottreau’s record attempt, below.

In a press release, Cottreau said of his record-breaking feat: “After many attempts to release music to make our mark on the world, we came up with the idea of ​​trying to cement our legacy in the Guinness Book of World Records. We had to pick a record and it took us months to find the right one.”

He further explained: “It was late one night and the 1967 prison drama Cool Hand Luke was on free-to-air TV. Paul Newman (the salad dressing guy) was trying to eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in one go and I thought ‘yeah, I could do a lot more”. Fast forward to today and I’m now a world record holder. The day after the shoot we flew to [Brisbane] and the smell on the luxurious Virgin plane was terrible.”

The record-breaking attempt has yet to be confirmed by Guinness World Records, and the brand says its legal team will be in touch with the band over their attempt. If proven a legitimate achievement, Cottreau would have broken the previous record by eating two more eggs and in a shorter time period by at least four minutes.

Prior to ‘Let’s Talk’, Fangz last released the single ‘Fine Without You’ in April. Prior to that, they released the five-track ‘Falling Is Pretty Normal’ EP in February 2022.

Fangz will be performing at the Gallery Bar at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney on Friday 4th August. On August 12 they will perform at the Last Chance Rock & Roll bar in Melbourne.

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