Skinamarink, the creepy experimental horror film that went viral on TikTok, has earned $1 million in its first week at the box office.

Skinamarink, the indie horror film that received a wide release after going viral on TikTok, has achieved an impressive box office result at the end of its first week in theaters. The experimental horror film is Canadian filmmaker Kyle Edward Ball’s directorial debut. Presented through a series of shots that avoid showing the main characters’ faces, the film follows two siblings who wake up to find their father gone and all the exterior doors and windows of their home gone, leaving them on their own entities, while a mysterious entity lurks in the shadows.


About Damn disgusting, Skinamarink has now earned $1 million at the North American box office. Although that number can’t exactly compete with the weekend’s big blockbusters like Avatar: The Way of Water and M3GAN, Skinmark cost only $15,000, which means that this sum has already multiplied the film’s budget 67 times. Even without breaking into the box office Top 10, this is a huge achievement for a film so deliberately designed to be polarizing and not necessarily appeal to a wide audience.

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Skinamarink takes the Indie Horror Box Office Baton from Terrifier 2

Skinamarink Toy Phone Eyes Creepy

While the box office was still suffering pandemic blues in 2022, the horror genre proved its ability to stand toe-to-toe with tentpole films like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Avatar: The Way of Water. Horror films that reached No. 1 during the year included the old sequels Scream 2022 and Halloween endsbut the slate was also dominated by original films, e.g Barbarian, Nix, Smileand The invitation. Both Nix and Smile also ended up in the top 20 films of the year at the domestic box office, best franchise film as Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.

But despite horror proving to be one of the most robust box office genres of the modern age, it also dominated the indie sphere. Last year saw the slasher sequel Terrify 2, which followed the continuing exploits of serial killer Art the Clown, opened in 770 theaters and eventually expanded to 1,550 screens on its way to grossing a worldwide total of $13.5 million. The low-budget film cost only $250,000 and built up its huge profits thanks to audience interest on the back of reports from Terrify 2 screenings that make people sick and pass out due to the gory and intense nature of the film. Skinamarink has also successfully leveraged online word-of-mouth to similar results, proving it to be a worthy successor to Terrify 2.

Although it’s incredibly difficult to predict which future indie horror feature could possibly be next Terrify 2, the box office certainly shows that the movie market is still hungry for trashy and compelling horror films, no matter what they cost or where they come from. Not every feature has the capacity to capture this type of audience, as the 2022 license-dodging Grinch horror film The ring proven with its disappointing result in December. But distributors willing to take a chance on a lesser-known title might just find they have a significant hit on their hands, even with something as seemingly crowd-proof as Skinamarink.

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