Date: July 2011

Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes


Dr. George K. Simon knows how people push your buttons: your children-especially teens-are experts at it, as is your mate. A coworker may quietly undermine your efforts while professing to be helpful, or your boss may prey on your weaknesses. Manipulative people have two goals: to win and to look good doing it. Too often, those they abuse are only vaguely aware of what is happening to them.

In this eye-opening book, you’ll discover:

-four reasons why victims have a hard time leaving abusive relationships

-power tactics manipulative people use to push their own agendas and justify their behavior

-ways to redefine the rules of engagement between you and the abuser

-how to spot potential weaknesses in your character that can set you up for manipulation

-two tools for personal empowerment to help you maintain greater strength in all relationships


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