Warning: Spoilers ahead for Tulsa King Season 1.

The series with Sylvester Stallone front King of Tulsa the end of season 1 features a cliffhanger twist that leaves the action veteran’s fate unclear. King of Tulsa takes the mafia genre to the Midwest with the story of Dwight “The General” Manfredi. Played by Sylvester Stallone, Manfredi is a cold-blooded convict who has just finished serving a 25-year prison sentence for a mob bust gone wrong when King of Tulsa season 1 begins.


Although it is clear that Dwight took the fall for someone else, the main character in the King of Tulsa is not exactly rewarded for his selflessness. Instead, he is essentially banished to the small town of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and told to start a criminal empire there. Never one to give up on a hopeless case, Manfredi sets about establishing a relationship with his estranged daughter Tina, creating a rivalry with mobster Caolan Waltrip, and selling nitrous oxide via a ragtag gang of misfits he assembles. These efforts are paying off King of Tulsa season 1’s final two episodes before a cliffhanger ending puts the general’s empire in jeopardy.

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What happens at the end of Tulsa King season 1

IN King of Tulsa Season 1’s finale reveals to the show how Dwight Manfredi ended up in prison all those years ago. Turns out he took the fall for a kill that was really Chickie’s responsibility. Dwight’s daughter Tina grew up not knowing her father thanks to his long prison term, but the general only served that prison sentence because of Chickie’s actions. After Chickie handcuffed a hostage, Ripple, to a radiator while torturing him, Wen Dwight tried to stop the torture and a tag that Chickie waved set up in the room they were in. Unable to find the handcuff keys, the general shot Ripple as a mercy kill.

With this background established, King of Tulsa season 1’s final episode returned to today. In this outing, Dwight first confronted Chickie, who wanted to join his Tulsa operation. Dwight sent him packing for New York, and in a rare moment of smartness, Chickie left Tulsa without a fight. Dwight then outwitted Caolan Waltrip, the leader of a local rival gang, the Black MacAdams. Dwight’s prison reading list paid off when the master manipulator tricked Caolan into attacking Mitch’s bar and shot the rival boss in the ensuing gunfight. This left Dwight with no more enemies, at least until the general’s bar/casino opening was busted by ATF agents, who arrested him.

Did Dwight Caolan defeat Waltrip for good?

Tulsa king season 2

While Caolan Waltrip was even more dangerous than Chickie (who killed his own father in cold blood), he was not impossible to defeat. After Dwight’s confidant, Bodhi, used his technical know-how to take all the money from Waltrip’s account and transfer it to Dwight, the leader of Black MacAdams immediately attacked the general’s bar in revenge. Dwight knew this was what Caolan wanted to do, so he already had the upper hand when the two faced each other. Dwight shot and killed Caolan, effectively ending the reign of the Black MacAdams in Tulsa. While King of Tulsa season 2 could reveal that Caolan had a second-in-command, his volatile persona makes this unlikely.

Why did Stacey betray Dwight?

Tulsa King Dwight looks over his new empire

Stacey, the hard-drinking FBI agent with whom Dwight forms an unlikely friendship throughout King of Tulsa season 1, seemed like the last character to betray the charismatic criminal. But her drinking impaired her judgment throughout King of Tulsa season 1, and although the general made it up to her by sending her a large chunk of Waltrip’s stolen money, he accidentally got her shot by letting her get involved in the Tulsa turf war. Stacey sold Dwight out to the ATF, leading to his arrest during the bar’s grand opening in King of Tulsa season 1 finale. While the ATF watched Dwight throughout King of Tulsa season 1, the organization needed the evidence Stacey provided to take him down.

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Can Dwight avoid another prison sentence?

Tulsa King Sylvester Stallone Center of the Universe

Though King of Tulsa Season 1’s ending implies that Dwight will struggle to get out of this patch of trouble, it’s unlikely that the master criminal will see the inside of a prison cell again. The General’s manipulation of everyone involved in his Tulsa empire, from acquaintances to rivals to even dangerously unpredictable characters like Chickie and Waltrip, proves that his time in prison made him a savvy operator. As such, Dwight should be able to beat the charges against him King of Tulsa season 2. Mens King of Tulsa is not based on a true story (and therefore Season 2 could go in any direction), Stallone was unsure about starring in a second season.

As such, there is an opportunity for that King of Tulsa season 2 will see Stallone’s character play a minor role in the series to give the actor a break. But since Stallone is playing the title character, it would be difficult for King of Tulsa season 2 to do this. The best way to King of Tulsa season 2 to get around Stallone’s possible absence (or the actor playing a minor role while Dwight is in prison) would be for the show to focus on Tina, the general’s daughter. Tina gradually warmed to her father King of Tulsa season 1, so if Dwight really does end up back in prison, King of Tulsa season 2 could focus on Tina.

What the Tulsa King season 1 ending really means

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King of Tulsa Season 1’s ending shows viewers that the title character’s time in prison made him a perfect candidate to transform the self-important city into an unlikely crime capital. As Dwight Manfredi, Stallone mixes his brooding macho persona with a warmer, kinder character than he typically plays. The veteran star makes the general a surprisingly likable crime boss, and his good relationship with his underlings and henchmen contrasts with Chickie and Waltrip’s violent power trips. Finally, Tulsa King’s Season 1 finale proves that Dwight Manfredi’s charm can get him out of almost any problem, before the cliffhanger twist ending proves that this isn’t always a reliable approach.

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