Troye Sivan has joked that he will never publicly express his attraction to a K-pop star again after doing it for Stray Kids’ Hyunjin.

Earlier this month, Sivan had posted a collection of fancam videos of Stray Kids member Hyunjin on his TikTok account, set to the tune of his new song ‘Rush’. “Anyone know how to reach this man :///” he added in the caption. Especially before the video’s release, the duo had met and took a selfie together at Dua Lipa and Versace’s ‘La Vacanza’ fashion show in Cannes in May.


Anyone know how to reach this man :///

♬ Rush – Troye Sivan

In a recently released TikTok video, Sivan captures himself walking down the street while ‘Rush’ plays in the background. “This is the last time I publicly love a K-pop star, I almost got murdered,” he wrote on the clip, adding in the caption, “Put. At. Douwn.”


Put. To. Down.

♬ Rush – Troye Sivan

Meanwhile, Hyunjin isn’t the only K-pop star that Sivan has interacted with recently. The Australian singer currently stars in the HBO original series The idolalong with Jennie from the K-pop girl group BLACKPINK.

The singer is also set to release his new album soon, five years after his acclaimed second album ‘Bloom’. “Enough excuses now. Enough saying ‘soon’ this is for YOU and it starts NOWWWWW,” Sivan wrote in an Instagram post promoting the release of ‘Rush’.

Between his second and third studio albums, Sivan also released the 2020 EP ‘In A Dream’ and the singles ‘Angel Baby’. He also recorded the songs ‘Trouble’ and ‘Wait’ for the film Three monthsin which he also participated.

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