What Star Trek icon packs a more potent punch, the half-Vulcan science officer Mr. Spock or the android operations officer Lieutenant Commander Data?

Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s data and Star Trek: The Original SeriesSpock are two of the franchise’s most famous characters, which naturally raises the question of who is stronger for audiences. Data and Spock are essentially the same Star Trek archetype – the technologically brilliant, emotionally stunted, non-human outsider trying to find their place in the galaxy aboard the USS Enterprise. It’s a character type that the franchise would return to many times with the likes of Odo, Seven of Nine, and Saru.


Spock and Data also happen to be incredibly powerful physically. Although neither character was a particularly enthusiastic fighter, they were generally unstoppable when fully engaged in a fight. Although Mr. Spock and Lt. Commander Data never engaged in hand-to-hand combat, there’s a pretty obvious answer as to who would come out on top in that showdown.

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Who is stronger: Spock or Data?

Star Trek Leonard Nemoy Spock Brent Spiner Data

Due to his half-Vulcan heritage, Spock was considerably stronger than the average human. His metabolism and lung capacity were superior to those of humans; he nearly killed Captain James T. Kirk with relative ease LASS episode “Amok Time.” The younger Spock also showed his physical prowess in Strange New Worlds episode “The Serene Squall”, overpowering and evading a group of pirates attempting to commandeer the Enterprise.

While Spock’s physical abilities are impressive, Data is simply in another league. Rarely did Data come across a creature that could approach his physical abilities, easily handling Klingons and even Borg drones. In addition to his impressive brute strength, Data could withstand massive amounts of radiation, mind control, disease, and even the vacuum of space. He was not indestructible – hence Data’s noble death i Star Trek: Nemesis – but the notion that a lone Vulcan can overpower him seems ludicrous.

What Spock and Data’s One Meeting Revealed About Them

Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard, Leonard Nimoy as Spock, Brent Spiner as Data in Star Trek

Of course, the idea of ​​Spock and Data engaging in a fistfight seems highly unlikely under any circumstances, since the two were essentially kindred spirits. The couple met only once, in TNG two-part “Unification,” in which Spock led an underground revolution on Romulus. Captain Picard and Data were sent to Romulus to investigate Spock’s movement.

In a quiet moment between the two, Data asked Spock about his decision to renounce his humanity and pursue a life as a Vulcan. Spock acknowledged that this was a conscious decision, and Data noted the irony that Spock had so casually abandoned what the android had pursued his entire life. It’s a moment of introspection for the two of them, that sort of thing Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes flowed with remarkable ease in his prime. There isn’t much mystery as to who would win in a fight between Spock and Data, but a philosophical debate between the two would still be far more interesting than a fist fight.

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