Actor Tom Hanks has a brilliant but honest answer to the question of who he would choose to portray him in a biopic based on his life and career.

Tom Hanks, when asked who should play him in a biopic, has a perfect and honest answer. Hanks is one of the most recognizable and beloved actors in America. He has been on the Hollywood scene for almost five decades now, and the number of films he has starred in is approaching 100. Most recently, he starred in Pinocchio, Elvisand A man named Otto. Elvis has swept honors at prestigious awards such as the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards. While A man named Otto has received mixed to positive reviews from critics, most praising Hanks’ heartbreaking performance as a widower.


Now, during an interview with Mythical kitchen, Hanks candidly answered the question of who should play him in a biopic. It’s a question that has actually become quite common for many big names in the acting, writing, music and film industry as biopics are always a popular choice for filmmakers. Movies like King Richard, Elvisand I want to dance with someone all show that there is a tendency for pop culture icons to be dramatized in movies. So who would portray legendary actor Hanks in a biopic? Well, none:

Not one, because I don’t think anyone can hold a candle to the man himself.

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Tom Hanks’ film legacy, explained

Tom Hanks in a war zone in Saving Private Ryan

Biopics for actors have been slightly less common than for musicians. But some legendary figures such as Charlie Chaplin, Lucille Ball and James Dean have been honored with such dramatizations of their lives. If any currently active actor could expect to receive a biopic in the future, it would be Hanks. While he boasts dozens of films and decades of experience, his legacy is far more than numbers and time. He first made his Hollywood debut with the film Splash. Hanks has since revealed that he landed his big debut role in Splash by kicking Fonzie (Henry Winkler) while guest starring Happy Days. The scene impressed Ron Howard enough to get Hanks an audition Splash.

After participating Splash, the rest was pretty much history for Hanks. He had a charisma and personality that just made him lovable no matter how unlikeable a character he played. Whether he was an empathy-inducing young widower i Sleepless in Seattlean inspiring optimistic and kind man i Forrest Gumpor an impatient, loyal and passionate cowboy i Toy Story, Hanks has always had a knack for working his way into viewers’ hearts. Meanwhile, his roles have spanned several genres and showcased his talent and versatility as an actor. While he can appear in laugh-out-loud comedies like Turner and Hoochmight as well play a weathered soldier in Saving Private Ryan.

Recently, Hanks highlighted The road to perdition as one of the most important films he has made to date, although he admitted that it is his film that people do not refer to often. However, he indicated that he makes these types of films with the knowledge that they last forever and will be revisited. That may be why, despite only being nominated for one Oscar in the past two decades, he’s also at the center of some of the most beloved and impactful roles of the past two decades. Hanks is correct that no one should play him in a biopic because no one could ever hold a candle to his long-lasting Hollywood legacy of important, impactful and beloved roles.

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