Warning: Spoilers ahead for There’s Something Wrong With The Children (2023).

The Blumhouse horror movie There is something wrong with the children has a shocking twist ending, but the film’s story lends itself to a revisit. There is something wrong with the children is the latest in a long line of horror movies that make children creepy. In this Blumhouse horror film, Ben and Margaret join their friends Ellie and Thomas on a secluded getaway, only for things to go horribly wrong when Thomas and Ellie’s children Spencer and Lucy begin exhibiting seriously twisted behavior after a hike to a strange set of ruins.


After the hike, Ben and Margaret babysit Spencer and Lucy for the night so Ellie and Thomas can rekindle their relationship. The next morning, Spencer and Lucy are nowhere to be found. Ben returns to the ruins and sees the two children jump into a dark chasm therein. The horror film then shows that the glowing “bright place” at the bottom of the grave, it seems to drag the children into its depths. A traumatized Ben returns to Margaret, Ellie and Thomas to tell them that the children are dead, only for Spencer and Lucy to emerge alive and healthy in the cabins.

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What happens in There’s something wrong with the children’s ending

Ben tries to explain what happened to no avail, while the deeply creepy Spencer and Lucy start messing with his head. Margaret, Ellie and Thomas accuse Ben of making this up or hallucinating, and things go from bad to worse when an argument between Ben and Spencer ends with the child choking to death. While Thomas calls the police, Ben returns to the ruins. Then in a thought-provoking twist Children of the Corn, Spencer revives herself and brutally kills her mother Ellie, while Lucy attacks her father Thomas in the woods, incapacitating him. Too late, Margaret realizes that Ben was telling the truth about the kids in the 2023 horror movie.

Margaret finds Ellie’s body and is pursued through the remote cabins by Spencer and Lucy, whose monstrous, giant-insect-like true forms are briefly glimpsed in shadows. Margaret manages to escape the children, but is thwarted by Ben’s return. At first she is delighted to see her partner, but soon Margaret realizes that Ben has also jumped into the ruins and been replaced by a sinister doppelganger. Margaret stabs Ben and escapes, aided by a barely alive Thomas. Margaret hits an open road and drives for freedom, only for Spencer, Lucy and Ben to stand in her way. As There is something wrong with the children ends, Margaret prepares to run them over.

What was wrong with There is something wrong with the children’s children?

Alisha wainwright there's something wrong with the bright kids

While other chilling horror movies like The Exorcist used demonic possession to explain their monstrous child and Warnedthe murderer’s child was justified by a familial connection with the devil himself, There is something wrong with the children does not provide any correspondingly easy answers. The bright spot in the ruins seems to hypnotize the children, causing them to jump to their deaths into the grave. However, it is not clear whether the beastly doppelgangers tormenting Margaret and Ben are the same children after undergoing a psychic transformation, or new monsters that mimic the children’s (and later Ben’s) form. The monsters speak like the children, implying that they could be the real Spencer and Lucy.

Was Ben replaced in What’s Wrong With The Kids?

Creepy child with a bloody nose in the There's Something Wrong With the Children trailer

However, Ben’s doppelgänger also tells Margaret that he wants to start a family with her (presumably so that these monsters can further spread their influence). While the real Ben was good with children, he was also reluctant to settle down and start a family with Margaret before his trip to the ruins in the horror movie. As such, there is good reason to believe that There is something wrong with the children‘s monsters just took the form of their human victims, instead of using the original humans as hosts. ultimately, There is something wrong with the children does not provide an answer to this ambiguous riddle.

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Why did Ben return to the bright place?

There is something wrong with the children

As Ben watched the children jump into the abyss, he was clearly traumatized by witnessing their deaths. This trauma was only compounded by his terrified confusion when he returned to find them alive and well at the cabins minutes later. So why would Ben have returned to the scene of their deaths after Spencer choked and his parents called the police? The answer is that Ben wanted to understand what happened in Bright Place, and he felt certain that something contained within the horror movie ruins would explain what was going on. Ironically, he was technically correct. Returning to the ruins, Ben was tempted to jump into the abyss.

So Ben found out whatever the kids were learning down there. However, the character’s discovery came at the cost of his life. The supernatural threat that Bright Place contains is never explicitly revealed on screen (although giant insects, whether alien or Earth-bound, appear to be the culprits). Ben discovers whatever this threat is, but his curiosity costs him his life and allows the unseen monsters to assimilate him as There is something wrong with the children‘s villains took Spencer and Lucy earlier. This reinforces the real meaning of There is something wrong with the childrenends.

What’s wrong with the children’s ending really means

Alisha Wainwright in There's Something Wrong With The Kids

That There is something wrong with the children ending, like the recent Blumhouse horror film Sick‘s conclusion is about the dangers of mindless conformity. Specifically, There is something wrong with the childrenthe ending sees Margaret alone escaping death as she is the only character sure of her convictions. Margaret doesn’t want children and doesn’t want to be pushed into a lifestyle that isn’t for her, despite the constant pressure Ellie and Thomas put on her. As a result, Margaret refuses to return to the ruins and does not look into Bright Place.

Margaret manages to push Spencer and Lucy into the bright spot and she briefly escapes Ben. However in There is something wrong with the childrenend, she is forced to choose between joining the seemingly unharmed Spencer, Lucy, and Ben’s sinister “family” or knock them down with his car. Unlike Ben, who was unsure of his beliefs throughout the horror film (which ultimately proved his downfall), Margaret drives straight into them in There is something wrong with the children the ending shows that the horror movie heroine is not afraid to save herself and refuses to be drawn into an evil plan she does not agree to against her will.

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