The Witcher cast only found out that Henry Cavill was leaving the hit Netflix show a day before it was revealed to the world.

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The third season of the fantasy show, which aired this week, is the last that Cavill will appear in. Taking to Instagram last October, Cavill revealed that he would be stepping down from his role on the show and “passing the torch” to the actor Liam Hemsworth.

In a new interview with UNILADFreya Allen, who plays Princess Cirilla in the show, revealed that the cast of the show were only given a little advance warning of the news before it became public.

“We found out a few months after the wrap, so there wasn’t really a goodbye then,” she said. “And we found out the day before the world found out, so we really all found out together.”

Allen added, “I think we all cried. I know I cried when I heard, I was just kind of shocked. I think the premiere is kind of going to be our broadcast.”

The Witcher Season 3. Credit: Netflix

Allen previously explained how she “mourned” Cavill’s exit The Witcher. Speaking about Cavill’s exit, Allen said she will miss the star and paid tribute to the father-daughter relationship her character Ciri and Cavill’s Geralt developed over the past three seasons.

“For me, it’s not reflecting on any last scenes. I think my last scene was me pushing down mashed potatoes. It’s more…it sounds crazy, but kind of like grieving through Ciri because we really have become so close through those characters,’ explained the actor.

“He plays my adoptive father. So that part was the saddest element of it. So it was more reflecting on this whole experience we’ve had together and coming to the end with his side of it.”

Earlier this week, reviews of the third season arrived, with many hailing it as the show’s best yet and Cavill’s most accomplished performance in the series.

Meanwhile, a fourth and fifth season of The Witcher has already been confirmed by Netflix, while the streamer previously launched its first live-action spin-off with the four-part limited series Origin of blood.

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