Sam and Dean Winchester avoided countless fates throughout Supernatural, and The Winchesters episode 9 shows how that tradition started.

The Winchesters episode 9 has revealed how the family began to defy fate. IN Supernatural season 5, Sam and Dean Winchester were expected to be vessels for Michael and Lucifer to play Apocalypse. Gabriel even played a trick on them to get them to “play their roles” in Supernatural Season 5 Episode 8, “Changing Channels.” But despite what their fate was supposed to be, the Winchesters fought back on their own terms. When Sam finally let Lucifer in, it was with a plan that just barely worked.


IN The Winchesters episode 9, “Cast Your Fate to the Wind”, John Winchester (Drake Rodger) saw his future in an amulet. The head vampire would bite him on a red carpet, just like when a vampire bit Dean Supernatural. The group tried to do everything they could to prevent this from happening, but John ended up in a room on the red carpet with his mother, Millie Winchester (Bianca Kajlich), and very few options.

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Millie Winchester tells John: Fate Is What You Make It

Millie in her workshop at The Winchesters

Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) opened episode 9 with a narration saying that his father used to say, “destiny is what you make it.” It turns out that it wasn’t John Winchester who originally said this. It was his mother, Millie Winchester. John and Millie we have a heart to heart and she said everyone told her she couldn’t be a mechanic but she is one. This inspired John to take fate into his own hands and save his friends and mother from the vampires. This started a tradition that Sam and Dean did a lot of Supernatural.

John Winchester manipulates his destiny to beat it

Drake Rodger as John in The Winchesters looks at something while wearing a plaid

Knowing that the vampire was going to bite him, John decided to let it happen, but he had a plan. He had his mother electrocute him so he could use dead man’s blood to harm the vampire. Then John told his mother to run and save herself. He trusted Mary Campbell (Meg Donnelly) and his friends to bring him back. The plan worked. The vampire was stunned and ran away. Mary and Millie were also able to get John’s heart beating again. So the amulet revealed the future, the vampire bit him and his heart stopped, but due to quick thinking he was able to save his friends, mother and himself.

John’s quick thinking is also a trait his boys have inherited. There have been many cases where they have used out-of-the-box thinking to save themselves. For example in Supernatural season 4, episode 7, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester,” Sam covered their faces with blood from the ground because Supernatural lore said that people used masks to hide from Samhain. While Dean didn’t like it, Sam”gave it a shot,” that quick thinking has saved them repeatedly. It looks like John will do the same The Winchesters.

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