Dwayne Johnson must return after Fast & Furious 11 to help end the franchise and save his status as a box office star after Black Adam. It’s been six years since The Rock last appeared in the lead role Fast and furious franchise, and this time it hasn’t necessarily gone as planned. Johnson used Vin Diesel’s action films as a springboard in his career that allowed him to try launching new franchises. Black Adam at Warner Bros. and DC being the latest example, the superhero film was expected to be a huge hit for The Rock, proving his worth as a leading man with new IPs.


Manufacturing Black Adam is something Dwayne Johnson dreamed of even before he joined Fast and furious. His focus shifted to the superhero franchise when his and Diesel’s feud led to the former WWE star essentially leaving the role of Luke Hobbs. While Vin Diesel has publicly called for The Rock to return, he has repeatedly confirmed that Hobbs will not be joining Quick X. His potential involvement in its sequel and self-described franchise finale is also questionable. However, Black Adam proves that Dwayne Johnson must return for Fast & Furious 11 in a move that would be mutually beneficial.

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Black Adam is the latest Dwayne Johnson film to struggle at the box office

Dwayne Johnson’s return for Fast & Furious 11 would come after The Rock’s movies began to struggle at the box office, a trend that Black Adam went on. The film earned $392 million worldwide upon its release in October 2022. It was below public expectations, especially after Black Adamstrong opening weekend. The film ended 2022 as the 14th highest-grossing film worldwide and 11th domestically. The $392M. offering isn’t terrible for a potential franchise starter, but it’s underwhelming thanks to the film’s budget (reportedly between $190M-$260M). The end result was reports in the press about Black Adam losing money, which The Rock then tried to deny.

Black Adam‘s box office performance puts it in league with some of Dwayne Johnson’s other film flops outside Fast and furious franchise. He famously starred in Warner Bros.’ Baywatch reboot, which performed poorly across the board. His other recent miss came with the Disneys Jungle cruise, which only made $210 million worldwide. To be fair, the film was released at a bad time at the box office and was simultaneously available on Disney+ through Premiere Access. His DC League of Super-Pets also did not perform as well as hoped, earning $204 million worldwide at a time when Minions: Rise of Gru dominated.

Dwayne Johnson Needs Big Blockbusters (No More Streaming Movies)

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Big action blockbusters like Fast and furious has long been crucial to Dwayne Johnson’s success. However, Black Adam‘s box office performance made it easy for new DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran to move on and scrap any plans The Rock had for sequels or spinoffs. ONE Fast & Furious 11 role for Dwayne Johnson would be an opportunity to get himself back involved in a blockbuster franchise that consistently hits. Although he has achieved some success with single films, Jumanji is the only other theatrical blockbuster franchise that The Rock has. Fast & Furious 11 can give him more if he returns.

This would also allow Dwayne Johnson to return to being a big box office star instead of dominating streaming movies. The Rock’s popularity has translated into him developing several potential franchise starters for streaming services. He returned successfully Red message into a Netflix franchise with two sequels in development while Prime Video’s Christmas series plays Red could be someone else. These films may bring The Rock substantial paychecks, but they often lack the sustained success and cultural impact that theatrical blockbusters can have. Dwayne Johnson needs more blockbusters to break his cold streak from the box office. More streaming films means that the trend will continue.

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Fast & Furious 11 needs Rock’s Hobbs to end the Franchise

Vin Diesel The Rock Feud Fast and furious 10 11

Fast & Furious 11 Being Dwayne Johnson’s return as Luke Hobbs wouldn’t just benefit The Rock. It has been reported Fast & Furious 11 is the final entry in the main series, which means it could be the last time Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto, Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty and others who have been around since early on are seen. Although Dwayne Johnson didn’t debut as Hobbs until Fast five, there is no debate that he was instrumental in the franchise’s success and storytelling. His antagonistic introduction paved the way for The Rock and Diesel’s characters to eventually team up before splitting up again.

The Rock is not coming back for F9 or Quick X is a direct response to his and Diesel’s real-life feud, but it can’t stand in the way of Hobbs’ return Fast & Furious 11. The film cannot be a proper end to the main series without Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel’s characters reuniting on screen. It would be like Avengers: Endgame end without Iron Man and Captain America reuniting. Audiences deserve a chance to get another hold-up between Hobbs and Dom, especially when the stakes will surely be higher than ever. This reunion would help ensure that the franchise’s most prominent characters are part of the finale.

Dwayne Johnson’s Fast & Furious 11 the return would also be a chance for the franchise finale to get a boost at the box office. Despite the struggles Black Adam and some of The Rock’s movies have had, Fast and furious have repeatedly benefited from his involvement. The last time he and Diesel starred in a movie together, The fate of the furious grossed $1.2 billion worldwide. When the two stars effectively split the franchise in half; Hobbs & Shaw earned $760 million with The Rock, and F9 made $726M (during the pandemic) with Diesel. Bringing their collective fan bases together can help Fast & Furious 11 succeed at the box office.

A fast and furious return could change The Rock’s career again

The Rock John Cena Fast & Furious

If The Rock returns for Fast & Furious 11, the franchise could help change his career again. While Dwayne Johnson was becoming more of a star in his own right before he came along Fast five, this was the film that helped establish him as a potential box office closer. The sequel nearly doubled the box office of its predecessor, beginning a trend that led to Johnson dubbing himself the “franchise Viagra” on SNL in 2015 thanks to his ability to bolster the franchise’s financial success. This happened after joining Fast and furious, GI Joeand The journey to the center of the earth franchises and watch the sequel’s box office soar.

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Will return for Fast & Furious 11 would potentially help re-establish Dwayne Johnson’s status as a big box office hit. But the film could also do much more for his career than that. It would be an opportunity for one of Hollywood’s most influential stars to take a step back in a way. Anyone Fast and furious the return of The Rock would come after ending the public feud with Vin Diesel and other cast members. This would undoubtedly be a moment where Johnson could come out as the bigger man and agree to work through their differences so he can give Fast and furious franchise a coveted reunion.

Also The Rock’s Fast and furious the return could help show that he doesn’t always have to be at the helm of a project. Dwayne Johnson rarely makes movies where he is not the main hero or the villain. This is understandable on some level, but there could be more options for The Rock if he was willing to play second fiddle once in a while. A smaller role could even help him not worry about the bigger picture or force the franchise to settle Hobbs & Shaw 2 and instead focus on making Fast & Furious 11 reach its potential.

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