Dan and Jackie’s argument in The Conners Season 5 Episode 12 seemed to set up a character twist that would be truly tragic for the Roseanne spin-off.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Conners Season 5 Episode 12.

IN The Conners season 5 episode 12 the Roseanne spinoff hinted that Dan’s memory might be failing like Jackie’s mother Beverly before him. The Conners has put the titular family through a lot of trauma over the course of the show’s five seasons. From Roseanne’s death, the event that started the spin-off, to Becky’s drinking problem, to the revelation of Beverly’s dementia diagnosis in The Conners season 5, the sitcom has touched on a lot of serious issues that affect many American working families.


While Beverly’s fate created one of Jackie’s best darkly funny jokes The Conners season 5, the sitcom still handles these story elements with care. However in The Conners season 5, episode 12, “Stuck in the Middle and Stuck in the Past,” the show hinted at an upcoming plot line that might be too sad for Roseanne spin off. When Jackie and Dan got into an extended argument over who was responsible for a set of home movies that went missing, it prompted the aging characters to admit that they often didn’t feel as sharp as they used to and sometimes worried about losing their memories. .

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The Conners Season 5 Episode 12 Hints At Dan’s Fate

The Conners Christmas Dan and Jackie

Both Jackie and Dan eventually decided that, between them, they could still rely on their imperfect memories despite their advanced ages. This led to a touching scene in which The Conners season 5 Roseanne remembered when Dan went through his first wife’s diary. But before the poignant moment, it was revealed that Dan was the one who forgot that the home movies were still in his house the whole time. Dan’s certainty that he had given the home movies to Jackie, along with Jackie’s willingness to play along with his faulty memory, could establish an Alzheimer’s diagnosis for Dan in the future.

Dan is getting older, and The Conners played into this earlier in Season 5 when he was incapacitated with a shoulder injury. However, he is still quite a bit younger than Beverly, and giving such a major character a life-changing diagnosis would be a rather sudden dramatic development for Dan’s story. Since Darlene and Becky moved out, Dan almost got a chance to play a more genial, comedic role in the family and especially after The Conners season 5 already set up Beverly’s potential death a few episodes ago, the show doesn’t necessarily need another dramatic plot line.

Why The Conners Season 5 Doesn’t Need Another Tragedy

Dan in The Conners Season 5 & Roseanne in Season 10

Not only is Beverly likely to die in The Conners season 5, but the show has also put the rest of its cast through a lot since the season began. The Conners season 5’s Christmas episode featured a fraught reunion between Louise and her mother, Darlene and Ben have struggled with Darlene’s unemployment, and Jackie has had a hard time reconciling with ailing Beverly. As such, The Conners season 5 doesn’t need to also leave one of its funniest characters in such a difficult position, why Roseanne veteran Dan should not turn out to have dementia like his elderly mother-in-law.

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