The best ongoing cards in Marvel Snap are able to provide some kind of continuous advantage during a match for players who learn to use them.

Running cards in Marvel Snap can provide consistent benefits throughout a match, and players can learn how to best use these effects to either make cards cost less, amplify other abilities, or even double up on already existing moves. While many decks can be made with various cards from this archetype, a select few are the most potent from this collection. A newer map called Zabua 3 Energy 2 Power card, is the first among this group to mention, as its ability reduces the cost of all 4 Energy cards by 2, giving players access to even more of the best Ongoing characters.


Mentioning ongoing cards should certainly include both Mysterious and Attack, as their abilities boost cards that share their archetype even more. The former rests on 3 Energy 0 Power and copies the ability to the last card played if it had a running ability. The popular anchor Onslaught in Marvel Snapon the other hand, 6 Energy and 7 Power while doubling Ongoing effects on its location. Players can use one of these powerful cards to bolster other ongoing strategies, especially if they also use cards such as 5 Energy 4 Power Sera to reduce energy costs necessary to play all the cards in the player’s hand at a time.

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The best ongoing cards in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap Wong and Mystique cards with energy costs and power values ​​shown

Wong, Devil Dinosaur, Blue Marveland Patriot are perhaps the best Ongoing cards, primarily due to either great synergy with other archetypes or ridiculous Power potential. Wong, a 4 Energy 2 Power card, allows On Reveal effects to happen twice on its location, which can lead to incredible combos with Black Panther, White Tiger, Iron heartand even Odin. Devil Dinosaur has one of the strongest abilities at Pool 1 in Marvel Snap, as this 5 Energy 3 Power card gains +2 Power for each card in the player’s hand. This often reaches a significant value of 13 Power or more if players use sentry post or Moon girl in their tires.

5 Power 3 Energy Blue Marvel uses their Ongoing effect to give all other cards the player has placed +1 Power, a very useful property if players decide to use a Zoo archetype with cards like Kazar and Squirrel girl. Patriot, a 3 Energy 1 Power card, creates an entirely new archetype by giving all non-effect cards +2 Power. Players using one of these cards will find the best success when they swarm locations with as many cards as they can play and overwhelm opponents with sheer numbers.

A few overlooked but still useful Ongoing cards are Cosmo and Super Skrullthe latter of which can be seen in Marvel Snap‘s token shop and rare hidden pools. 3 Energy 3 Power Cosmo prevents any On Reveal effects from happening on its location, and serves as an excellent control card against enemy crates or destruction decks. Meanwhile, Super Skrull is copying each ongoing effect from the enemy card, which can be brutal if an opponent uses an Ongoing archetype. The best running cards in Marvel Snap boost otherwise trivial cards, either by boosting their power, reducing their energy cost, or giving extra strength to their effect.

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