Ebon Moss-Bachrach explains Richie and Sydney’s relationship as it stands The bear season 2’s end. Returning for its second season on June 22, the hit Hulu series follows top chef Carmy Berzatto as he tries to improve his late brother Mikey’s rundown Italian steak sandwich shop and its unruly staff. An interesting, yet contradictory relationship i The bear is between Richie, former de facto manager of the restaurant and Mikey’s best friend, and Sydney, a chef trained by the Culinary Institute of America and Carmy’s sous.


In a new interview with Rolling stonesMoss-Bachrach was asked about the development of Richie and Sydney’s relationship during season 2. The Richie actor explained how their relationship really improved during The bear season 2 ends with Carmy trapped in the walk-in refrigerator, and Richie and Sydney are forced to put their egos aside to ensure a smooth service. Read what Moss-Bachrach had to say below:

I find it surprising, but I think it can happen when people have a common goal or a common enemy. With Carmy locked in the walk-in fridge [in the finale episode], the two of them are locked with this common goal, and this need to just get through it. There is no time for either of their egos to seep in, and they recognize each other’s worth. Maybe they don’t even really recognize each other’s worth; it is only about the task. Sometimes you just have to do what’s in front of you. I think Richie is really extending her an olive branch.

I think it’s probably his responsibility to do that because I think his behavior has been so out of line with her that it’s up to him to apologize, which is not to say that I don’t think she is without error. Both of them are not on their best behavior with each other. But he’s in a place where he’s okay with himself for the first time in a long time, which is enough for him to reach out and call his chef and show the respect that I think she deserved.

Richie and Sydney both thrived during The Bear Season 2 finale

The Bear Hulu Season 1 Carmy Cast

During The bear season 2 finale, Richie and Sydney are forced to put their differences aside during the opening night of the new and improved restaurant. They are able to do so with Richie managing the front of house and Sydney managing the kitchen. When Carmy is trapped in the walk-in refrigerator, Richie takes over operations and steers The Bear to a successful opening night. Although she throws up during the service due to the intense stress, Sydney ends the night feeling fulfilled after impressing her father.

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Richie and Sydney’s relationship really begins to improve after he performs at the Michelin restaurant and returns a new and improved person. As Moss-Bachrach points out, Richie extends an olive branch to Sydney during the Season 2 finale when he asks for her blessing to officially open the restaurant’s doors to friends and family. Sydney gives the go-ahead by saying: “Let it rip,” a tribute to Richie’s late best friend and the restaurant’s former owner, Mikey.

Richie and Sydney thrive below The bear the season 2 finale really hammers home one of its main themes. Carmy has been able to improve the lives of those around him, especially his staff, but not his own. While trapped in the opening night walk-in, he sinks deeper into self-doubt and hyper-fixates on his failures.

Source: Rolling stones

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