Board games can be fun with a big dungeon crawling team or even while just hanging out with a friend. However, board games can be much more fun when played at parties. With the right game and the right audience, everyone will laugh, joke and have a great time for hours.

That said, it can be difficult to decide which games are good for parties or which ones to avoid. Amazon, luckily, has board games of all kinds, with plenty that will make the next big party a success through strategy, competition or simple laughs. Many are good for all ages, while a few may be best suited to an older group. Grab one Amazon Prime Membership in preparation for that board game night for faster shipping and exclusive discounts, and if you’re not sure, try their free 30-day trial!

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Sushi Go! Party

List Price: $22.00

Sushi Go! is a card game that revolves around charging through piles of sushi to get the hand that gives the highest points in the game. Players must keep track of the cards in their hands, as well as try to guess what others are using. It’s intense, fast and lots of fun.

With Sushi Go Party!, players will work with a board and several sushi combinations in each match. The game supports up to eight people, so there will be no problem playing his popular cheap game at a larger party. Who doesn’t like to eat sushi once in a while?

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Marvel codenames

List price: $24.99

Deal price: $23.49

Marvel Codenames Board Game

The MCU is pretty popular, to say the least, so it’s likely that many people at the next gaming party will enjoy the movies, TV shows, or characters in the franchise. Marvel codenames is a great game to bring to a party. Two teams are looking to find their agents who are Marvel heroes and villains this time.

One player from each team knows who each character on the board really is. They must use simple clues to give away which characters belong to their team. However, if a player draws the Thanos card, it is instantly game over.

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List price: $20.99

Sale price: $15.99

Taboo board game

Trying to explain something without using crucial information is difficult, but it does Taboo so funny. This game comes with over 400 cards. Players will have a card with something to describe to the other players. However, there is also a list of words that are not allowed to be used in the description. If any of the “taboo” words are used at any time and in any form, the buzzer sounds and the ride is over.

If the word is guessed correctly, those players keep the card. The one with the highest number of cards is the winner. It’s fun, easy to understand and requires at least four people. Taboo is great for all ages and perfect for generating lots of laughs at a party.

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Scatter gories

List price: $21.99

Sale price: $19.99

Scattergories board game

That Scatter gories game begins with a category and a letter. The timer starts and the player must come up with as many things as possible that fit into the category, but start with the number rolled. It’s a game that tests how much random information players have in their heads, as well as how fast they can type.

However, if other players write down the same word, it does not count for points. Scatter gories is fast paced, easy to understand and great to pull out for parties. The nature of the game allows people of all ages to join in the wordy fun.

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Cards against humanity

List Price: $29.00

Cards Against Humanity board game

Cards against humanity is like Apples to apples, but it has fewer limitations. For parties with adults, this game is sure to make everyone laugh like crazy. Each player is dealt a hand of a pair of cards with a word or phrase on them. Each player’s turn starts by drawing a sentence card that has a blank. Players must fill in the blank space with a card from their own hand. It sounds easy, but with all sorts of ridiculous and inappropriate cards to use, there’s no telling what might happen.

Please note that this game contains lots of inappropriate words and phrases, so it is not suitable for children. However, there is a children’s version called Children towards maturitythat’s perfect for younger kids with jokes involving silly things like butts, flatulence, burps and other kid-friendly joke topics. Set up the youngsters in a separate room with this game so they can play their own age-appropriate version at the same time.

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List price: $16.99

Cranium board game

While Skull may look like it’s just designed for kids, there’s plenty for the whole family to enjoy. Each team must complete tasks categorized into art, performance, knowledge and words. With so many tasks to choose from, it makes it so every player on every team has a moment to show their stuff.

Skull is understandably ridiculous, giving players plenty of opportunities to make their friends and family laugh. The cards also tell players everything they need to know, making it easy to bring in new players. If it’s a party for adults, however, this might not be the best option.

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List price: $44.99

List price: $35.99

Concept board game

Anyone who has ever identified with Gandalf the Gray and his tendency to speak in riddles will find Concept attractive. Players are given a word or phrase that they have to get the other players to guess using a list of pictures on a board.

They can highlight certain ones with their questions and exclamation points, but how this is done is completely optional. Those who guess the riddle correctly get a point, and the one with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. Players who are good at visual puzzles will enjoy this game, but at parties it may offend others, which makes it even more fun.

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One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak

List price: $24.99

Deal price: $23.52

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak Board Game

IN One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak, each player is assigned a role: Werewolf, Curator, Witch or a villager with a unique ability. The goal of the game is for the werewolves to devour all the villagers and for everyone else to find out who the werewolves are and destroy them.

This is done through meetings where players have to vote someone off the island and they have to make a case for themselves. Players who can be big liars will do just fine, but those with terrible poker faces can be caught early. There are no games quite like this one.

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Mab Gab

List price: $27.99

Mad Gap board game

In the cheap but incredibly fun game Crazy Gape, the teams will be given cards and must work together to decipher them. They contain a series of unrelated words that make no sense. However, it is when they are said out loud that players must pay extra attention to what they hear. Each sentence of gibberish hides an actual sentence within.

Those who can figure out what the correct sentence is get the point. It then becomes a game to see who can best listen to what they say and decipher the words. It’s also fun to hear people say some of these words.

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List price: $16.99

Sale price: $15.97

Guess the board game

Guesses are essentially extreme charades. The game has hundreds of maps that are divided into easy, medium and hard categories. Each player must choose a card and then perform what is on it while the timer is ticking. The harder the card, the more points the player and the team get if it is guessed correctly. A fast risk and reward system is included Guesses it makes it fun to play.

On top of that, it’s unfathomable that it’s entertaining to watch friends and family do ridiculous things from the cards. Since it’s such a simple game, it’s easy to get a lot of new people jumping in so that those who come after don’t miss out on the fun.

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