WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for That ’90s Show’s season 1 finale!The 90s show season 1 ends with plenty of big questions unanswered and franchise-long mysteries unsolved. Collected 15 years later The 70s show‘s finale, the Netflix spinoff series finally manages to answer some of the burning questions left after the original show ended. E.g, The 90s show finally confirmed that Donna and Eric got back together and that Fez and Jackie broke up. However, the spinoff series has still withheld many notable mysteries The 70s show alive while also introducing new unanswered questions about the next generation of Point Place teenagers.

In addition to questions about The 70s show‘s non-returning characters and hints at major mysteries about the original gang, The 90s show‘s twist ending creates lingering questions about decisions to be made by the young teenagers. As the summer wound down and Leia left Point Place for Chicago, the spinoff left plenty of loose ends untied. When the characters return to the summer of 1996 i The 90s show season 2, there are big questions about Leia’s love life, unseen characters and franchise mysteries to be solved.

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Will Leia choose Jay or Nate?

That 90s Show Leia Forman Jay Kelso Car

The biggest unanswered question afterwards The 90s show season 1 is about whether Leia will choose to be with Jay Kelso or Nate Runck. Leia spent most of the summer having feelings for Jay, leading to Eric and Donna’s daughter and Kelso and Jackie’s son officially dating. However, as Leia prepared to leave for Chicago, Jay broke up with her due to his reluctance to enter into a long-distance relationship. While Leia was upset that her first boyfriend dumped her, another last-minute twist changed her perspective.

When Leia goes over to the Runck house to talk to Gwen, she ends up having a heartfelt conversation with Nate about being hopeless romantics who share a special connection. Leia and Nate almost kiss before being interrupted by Gwen, and Leia leaves Point Place before the two can discuss their feelings. As the teens gather in the Forman driveway to give Leia a rejection, Jay kisses her and says he wants to give their relationship a try. After The 90s show season 1, the question remains whether Leia will choose to continue dating Jay Kelso or act on her romantic feelings for Nate instead.

Will Nate break up with Nikki?

That 90s Show Season 1 Nate Runck Nikki

Considering Nate was inches away from kissing Leia The 90s showIn the Season 1 finale, his relationship with Nikki has become far more complex. Nate was already worried that Nikki would eventually break up with him due to their different focuses in life, and realizing that his feelings for Leia could be what eventually split them up. If Nikki hears about Nate almost kissing Leia, she might be the one to end their relationship as well. Either way, it doesn’t look like Nikki and Nate will still be together when the sitcom returns The 90s show season 2.

Will Ozzie’s Canadian Girlfriend Ever Appear On That ’90s Show?

Reyn Doi as Ozzie in That '90s Show

Ozzie mentions early on that he has a girlfriend in Canada, though the gang in Point Place, Wisconsin questions whether he’s real. However, Ozzie is actually seen talking to Etienne on the phone The 90s show season 1, episode 3, where Etienne reveals that his friends similarly don’t believe Ozzie is real. With Ozzie working on coming out as gay to his parents after The 90s show season 1, it is possible that his lover Etienne will finally appear when Leia returns to Point Place in the summer of 1996.

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What happened to Kelso’s daughter Betsy?

Michael holds his daughter Betsy in That 70s Show while Fez and Brooke watch

The 90s show makes Jackie and Michael’s teenage son Jay Kelso a main character, but fails to mention Michael’s first child, Betsy. Brooke and Kelso’s daughter Betsy was born in The 70s show season 7, so she would be around Nate and Nikki’s age The 90s show. Kelso moved to Chicago in The 70s show season 8 to be closer to Betsy, making her absence i The 90s show even more curious. Hopefully, The 90s show season 2 will be able to provide updates on Betsy, or maybe even introduce her as a teenage character.

Where is Eric’s sister Laurie?

The 90s show adds a new member to the Forman pack when Leia comes to visit Red and Kitty, but notably leaves out Eric’s older sister Laurie. One of the best recurring characters from the original series, Laurie was eventually written out after being recast The 70s show season 6. Although Laurie probably won’t show up The 90s show because her original actress, Lisa Robin Kelly, died in 2013 and her second actress, Christina Moore, only appeared in six episodes of The 70s show before it is written out, the fate of the character is still intriguing.

What happened to Steven Hyde?

Steven Hyde in the That '70s Show series finale

Corresponding The 90s show does not mention Steven Hyde, the only original protagonist from The 70s show which does not return in the sequel series. It is with good reason, however, as Steven Hyde actor Danny Masterson has faced a criminal case for sexual assault. For this reason, the character will not appear on the screen, but this does not mean that there cannot be an update from The 90s show about his fictional fate. Hyde was last seen driving the Point Place Grooves store The 70s show‘s series finale, but there is no indication of what happened to him over the past 15 years.

Will Fez’s real name and homeland ever be revealed?

Fez cuts Kitty's hair in That '90s Show Season 1

The biggest mysteries in the entire franchise concern the origins of Fez. Fez arrived at Point Place shortly before The 70s show season 1 as a foreign exchange student (for which his nickname is an abbreviation), but the original series never confirmed his real name or the country he is from. This became a funny running gag throughout the sitcom, with bells drowning out Fez’s voice when he tells the gang his name and only vague references to his apparently fictional homeland. The 90s show continues these mysteries by only referring to Wilmer Valderrama’s character as Fez and having the whistle from a teapot cover be Kitty’s answer to where Fez is from.

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What happened to Kitty’s dog Schatzi?

Kitty Forman

The 90s show season 1 retains another The 70s show the mystery alive by never confirming what happened to Kitty’s dog Schatzi. Red gifted Kitty a dachshund in The 70s show season 5, although the dog disappeared without explanation in season 7. I The 90s show season 1, Jay hides the gang’s stash in a box of dog treats that used to belong to Schatzi, where the Formans only say that they no longer have a dog. Over 15 years later, it’s still unclear if there was an accident Formans had to give him away, or Schatzi died of natural causes.

Does Donna actually have any sisters?

Tina Pinciotti talks to the gang on That 70s Show

The 70s show season 1, episode 5 introduced Donna’s younger sister Tina Pinciotti, only for her to never be seen or mentioned by the other characters again. The first few episodes also mentioned that Donna had an older sister named Valerie, but nothing happened of her either. Finally, The 70s show was written to imply that Donna was an only child, with the sitcom itself poking fun at Tina’s disappearance in the Season 2 episode “Vanstock”. At the end of this episode, an announcer for the show parodies a soap opera announcer, asking, “What ever happened to Midge’s daughter, Tina?

This was the last time Tina was mentioned, so the mystery of her existence remains unsolved. However, The 90s show season 1 also hints that Donna is an only child when Red explains that Eric chose to love the only girl who has Leia’s grandfather Bob as her father. While it is possible that Tina and Valerie were not fathered by Bob, it seems more likely that the existence of Donna’s sisters was simply erased.

What happened to Randy?

Josh Meyers as Randy in That '70s Show

Another great character from The 70s show who fail to appear The 90s show is Randy Pearson. Introduced in The 70s show season 8 as a replacement for Eric and Kelso (Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher left the series early), Randy joined the gang and soon started dating Donna. The character was poorly received by fans, which may explain why he was only included in one scene of The 70s show‘s final episode after being broken up with by Donna. Randy may not be a fan favorite, but The 90s show can still answer what became of him during the past 15 years.

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