Date: March 2022

Duration: 4 hours 24 minutes


Importance of the Book

1.        Education has become a determining factor for everyone to scale up the ladder of success. Therefore everyone has an inherent desire to do well or rather excel in studies. Students involved with studies as well as their parents, teachers and other well-wishers will want a student to excel in studies. However, only a few students excel in studies, whereas the majority perform average or even poor. Elders and peers can motivate a student and the teachers can teach the subject content. Still, the mechanics of ‘How to study’ is the gap that most students cannot bridge. The students who understand the mechanics of how to study are the ones who constantly excel in their studies. This book will bring out the finer details about the mechanics of ‘How to Study’. The systematic method to excel in studies advocated in this book will cover all the aspects right from the beginning when the student gets to know that he is affected for a course until the final day of the final examinations.

 Who should buy this book?

 2.        This book will be immensely valuable for students with a basic developed understanding capability, i.e. the age group starting twelve years of age. It will serve well even the students enrolling for professional courses or even competitive examinations. The parents of young students who want their kids to excel in studies will also be hugely benefitted from this book. Apart from them, the teachers at various academic institutions would also find this book insightful and quite helpful in training their students in the art of systematic learning methodologies. 



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