The popular superheroes Superman & Thor are merged into one unstoppable character in an epic and highly realistic Marvel & DC crossover art.

A new striking art combines Marvel with the hero Thor DC‘s Superman to create a powerful crossover character. Both characters are among comic publishers’ most popular heroes, with the duo being adapted into many different types of other media. Among the heroes’ comic book adaptations are the latest film actors to play the roles, with Chris Hemsworth bringing Thor to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Henry Cavill portraying Superman in the DC Universe.


Digital artist elseworld_supermanwho imagines different Superman variants, has shared on Instagram an amalgam creation of Thor and Superman.

The epic artwork depicts a perfect blend between the distinctive Norse armor worn by Thor and Superman’s iconic red and blue suit – “S” included. The long hair is a change for the film Superman, where Cavill always wears the character’s more traditional short cut, although the longer hairstyle is reminiscent of Superman’s time in the black costume in the comics in the 90s. The look also suits the crossover character as flowing locks are a Thor signature.

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What the future holds for Superman & Thor

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel 2013

Superman and Thor are set to continue their cinematic journeys for years to come, but while Hemsworth’s Thor seems safe in the MCU as long as the actor wants to continue playing the character, the same is not true of Cavill’s version of Superman. Following the announcement that James Gunn and Peter Safran would be taking over the DCU as its new creative minds, it was revealed that a Superman reboot film is in development, with Cavill out as the Man of Steel.

The Superman reboot will be part of Gunn and Safran’s eight to ten years of planned DC movies and TV shows. Gunn explained that Cavill’s departure was due to the film’s focus on a younger Clark Kent who will begin as a reporter at the Daily Planet – hence the need to search for a new actor. While the new DCU Superman has yet to be cast, Marvel Studios will still be moving forward with Hemsworth as Thor. The character is likely to feature in the upcoming film Avengers: Kang Dynasty, as one of the few remaining original Avengers in the MCU. Thor’s MCU finale setup has begun, though there’s currently no time frame for when the character will become a father Thor: Love and Thunderas well as the film’s further exploration of Valhalla – the Asgardian afterlife.

Is A Cinematic DCU & MCU Crossover Possible?

Thor and Jane in a field, both wearing armor in Thor: Love and Thunder

A DCU and MCU crossover is extremely difficult due to how many moving parts need to be aligned for such a huge endeavor to happen, but the possibility of it becoming true has never been closer than it is in day. The optimism of a possible DCU and MCU crossover comes from the appointment of Gunn, who led the MCUs Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy, as the new DCU creative head. Gunn and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige have a friendship that spans several years, great for the possibility of a Marvel and DC crossover is happening, with Gunn even talking about a possible crossover with both companies before taking on his new role.

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Source: elseworld_superman/Instagram

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