Succession actor Crystal Finn was hospitalised after being attacked by otters in a recent incident.

Finn, who played ATN producer Lauren Pawson in the fourth and final season of the hit HBO show, recounted the traumatic incident, which occurred back in July, in a new interview.

She told the San Francisco Chronicle: “I felt something on my backside and on my leg. I started looking around and yelling out and [the otters] popped up right in front of me. Then they dove down and started going at me again.”

She added: “I could see the bites on my legs and knew I had been bitten on my butt – that one was the worst, but I couldn’t see it. The bites really hurt.”

Finn went on to say that she didn’t see the otters when she decided to swim in the Feather River near Plumas National Forest in northern California.

“If I had seen them, I don’t think it would have given me pause,” she said. “I would have thought, ‘Oh those cute river otters.’”


Elsewhere, Succession actor Sarah Snook has spoken about one scene that was cut from the hit show’s finale.

Brian Cox, who plays matriarch Logan Roy in the show, also recently suggested that the show’s major season four twist happened “too early”.

Cox also revealed back in June that he hasn’t watched the show’s finale. The actor explained during a BBC interview that the fate of his character in the fourth season meant he felt “disinclined” to watch the final episodes.

“I’ve never liked watching myself for a start,” Cox said. “And somehow or other, because of what happened to Logan, I’ve been disinclined to watch the rest. I knew how it was going to end because I knew Logan had already set it up. And so I gather that ultimately, Logan has won through even though he’s in the grave.

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