Fast facts

Date of birth 11 January 1947
Full name Sondra Currie
Birth name Sondra Currie
Nationality American
City of birth Los Angeles, California
Motherland United States
Father’s name Donald Currie
Mother’s name Marie Harmon
Gender identity Woman
Sexual orientation Just
Horoscope Capricorn
Marital status Married
Spouse Alan J. Levi
Height 163 cm
Net worth $50,00,000
Siblings Three
Insta link Insta link

Sondra Currie is a beautiful American actress from the 1990s who is now actively involved in the entertainment industry. She gained more fame for her acting role in the short film Take My Hand.

Currie has now appeared in television shows and films for more than 50 years. She is also a producer who worked on the Trailerville USA project.

How much is the net worth of Sondra Currie?

According to information on Famous Birthdays, Sondra Currie has an estimated net worth of $5 million. She has amassed this impressive wealth as a result of her roles in movies and TV shows. In The Hangover Part III, Currie played Linda Garner in an acting performance.

Sondra Currie's luxury SUV Lexus NX gifted by Alan J. Levi.
Sondra Currie’s luxury SUV Lexus NX gifted by Alan J. Levi. (Source: Instagram @sondracurrie)

It was a box office success, earning $362 million more than its $102 million budget. Her husband Levi gave the woman a Lexus NX, a small luxury SUV. It’s a well-known luxury SUV that costs more than $40k and offers reliability, good resale values ​​and hybrid power.

But like Solveig Karadottir, Currie’s husband Alan J. Levi also has a net worth of at least $1 million. Since 1969, he has worked as a director and producer in the entertainment industry, earning him this wealth.

Is Currie single? Unpacking the reality of her relationship situation

Sondra Currie and her husband Alan J. Levi are happily married and off the market. That they have lived together for more than three decades is unusual in Hollywood. Because of their shared involvement in the entertainment world, Currie and Levi may have found someone else emotionally appealing.

Sondra Currie and her husband Alan J. Levi. (Source: Instagram @

However, there is no information available in the public domain about their dating life. Now let’s fast forward to 1989, when Currie and Levi finally tied the knot. Away from the media and the wider public, they had a happy wedding.

There are no rumors of a divorce or extramarital affairs between Currie and Levi, and their love affair is going strong. The short film Take My Hand was also co-produced by them.

Explore the details of Currie’s previous marriage

Alan J. Levi and Tony Young were Currie’s first and second husbands, respectively. Before they divorced, they spent ten years as a married couple together. On March 20, 1976, former couple Currie and Young ended their wedding by walking down the aisle. They pretty much kept their relationship a secret and are hush-hush about it.

In addition, Currie and Young’s ten-year marriage ended in 1986, shocking fans of the couple. Searching the web reveals nothing about the reason for their divorce.

Does Sondra Currie have children together?

Concerns have been expressed about Currie’s children conducting extensive online searches. It is unknown if she has children from any of her marriages, current or previous. The claim that Currie is a father of two remains just that – a myth.

Given the lack of specific knowledge about her children, it is impossible to make arbitrary assumptions and speculative claims. Nothing on Currie’s social media page that would have hinted at her children is visible. She has not posted anything on Facebook or Instagram that could indicate to followers that she has children.

What is Sondra Currie’s professional career?

American actress Sondra Currie has been working in the entertainment industry since 1970. She appeared in the movie Scandalous John to make her acting debut.

Linda Garner from the film The Hangover is one of Curry’s most treasured acting achievements. From the first to the third act of the film, she played a major role. Sondra is also known for playing Sister Bonnie in the TV series Mrs. Davis. She has received two nominations and three awards for her acting work.

Who are Sondra’s parents?

Sondra, an actress who played Chemistry, was born to her parents on January 11, 1947. She was raised in Los Angeles, California by her parents Donald Currie and Marie Harmon. American actress Marie, who starred in El Paso Kid, was Sondra’s mother. Her father Donald’s personal and professional life is currently unknown.

The photo of Sondra Currie's mother Marie Harmon.
The photo of Sondra Currie’s mother Marie Harmon. (Source: Instagram @sondracurrie)

In addition, Marie had important player roles in Nighttie in Nevada, Her Lucky Night and Springtime in Texas. For fifteen years, she has delighted audiences by appearing in a number of films and television shows.

Marie Harmon sadly passed away on January 25, 2021 and left this earth. She no longer exists, but she continues to serve as a role model for future generations of actors in the entertainment industry.

Does Sondra Currie share any siblings?

Sondra Currie shares three more siblings with her parents; she is not one of them. Sondra and her two other sisters have only one brother, Don Anthony Currie Jr. Sondra’s sister, Cherie Currie, was born on November 30, 1959 and is an American actress. She also writes, and one of her best-known works is The Runaways, which was published in 2010.

Sondra Currie with her twin sisters Cherie Currie and Marie Currie.
Sondra Currie with her twin sisters Cherie Currie and Marie Currie. (Source: Facebook)

Additionally, Sondra’s sister is Cherie Marie Currie’s identical twin sister, who was born on November 30, 1959. She became known for her role in The Rosebud Beach Hotel. Cherie and Marie, Sondra’s identical twin sisters, are vocalists in addition to being actors. They have recorded a number of albums, including 1979’s Messin’ With The Boys.

Sondra Currie is active on social media and has maintained a respectable online profile. She enjoys talking and making connections with fans on social media. On social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, Currie is active. She primarily uses the Instagram account @ sondracurrie and is active there.

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