New Green Arrow fan art casts Smallville’s Bart Allen actor Kyle Gallner as the DC Universe’s grim Oliver Queen, aka the Emerald Archer.

Smallville‘s Bart Allen actor Kyle Gallner is being transformed into the new Green Arrow The DC Universe in gritty fan art. The slate of films and TV series for DC is now under the capable hands of the new DC Studios co-CEOs, James Gunn and Peter Safran. In late January, the duo are set to reveal a few characters and projects that will be part of the first chapter of storytelling for the new DCU, and an artist makes a compelling case for the Superman prequel series Smallville actor Gallner to play the DCU version of the iconic archer Green Arrow.


Artist SPDRMNKYXXIII shared on Instagram an exciting look at what Gallner’s Green Arrow could look like in the DCU.

The grim fan art comes after Gallner released an audition video for Green Arrow. The actor made his case for taking on the role of Oliver Queen in the DCU by sharing an archery video that shows Gallner possessing the ability the comic book hero is best known for. The actor also added a few pictures to the post, further expanding the similarities between him and the character Smallville actor who claims to be able to grow the character’s iconic facial hair and backs it up. The fan art is fueling Gallner’s campaign to play the DCU Green Arrow, with the actor commenting on the post a series of excited emojis in response.

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Why Kyle Gallner is a good choice for the DCU Green Arrow

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Gallner, who fought for himself to play the DCU Green Arrow, even boasted about his archery skills, which is definitely a point to consider when Gunn and Safran decide to bring the character into the fold. Gallner’s connection to the superhero genre throughout Smallville also helps his case for the role of Green Arrow. Gallner played Bart Allen in Smallville, the show’s version of The Flash, although he went by the superhero moniker Impulse (one of Bart’s comic book hero names) on the show. Gallner’s positive experience playing, even interacting with, a major DC superhero Smallville‘s version of Green Arrow (Justin Hartley), would make his DCU transition seamless.

Will the Green Arrow be part of the rebooted DC universe

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As Gunn and Safran begin to figure out the next eight to 10 years of DC movies and TV shows — with some animation, gaming, and comics tie-ins planned — there’s been considerable speculation about which actors from the now-defunct DCEU will make the jump to the new DCU. The only character confirmed to have a project in development under the new DC leadership is Man of Steel, with a Superman reboot written by Gunn. Former DCEU Superman actor Henry Cavill will not continue as the character, and Gunn announces that the role will be recast.

The reason Gunn recast Superman for his reboot film could put a damper on Gallner’s plan to join the DCU as the Green Arrow. The DCU Superman movie will introduce a younger actor in the role, with Clark Kent joining the Daily Planet as a reporter. At 39, Cavill would be too old to play that version of the character. Gallner is 36 years old, just three years younger than Cavill, so if the DCU plans to center its characters around a younger Superman, Gallner should probably be out of the question. However, Green Arrow could undoubtedly be part of the new DCU, as Gunn has revealed in a previous tweet that the hero is one of his favorites, which bodes well for Oliver Queens DCU future.

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Source: SPDRMNKYXXIII/Instagram

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