Kyle Gallner, who played Bart Allen in the Superman prequel series Smallville, explains why he would be the perfect DC Universe Green Arrow.

As The DC Universe continues to develop its new direction under the direction of DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, Smallville star Kyle Gallner explains why he would be the perfect Green Arrow in a new movie. Green Arrow is the mantle worn by the DC Comics hero Oliver Queen, an expert archer who originally debuted in 1941. Like Batman, the character uses his status as a rich playboy to hide his activities as a vigilante. While the character has been mentioned in an episode of The Suicide Squad spinoff series Peacemakerhe has not officially appeared on screen in the DCU.


Gallswho appeared in four episodes of the Superman prequel series Smallville as Bart Allen, took to Twitter to respond to a recent tweet from Gunn saying that hundreds of roles are being cast for the DCU. Gallner shares reasons why he would be perfect to play Green arrow.

Among the reasons Gallner believes he would be perfect for the role is that he can grow the character’s iconic mustache and cook chili, in addition to his penchant for wearing green. The star also shared a video of him showing off his archery skills.

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Green Arrow history on screen

Oliver looks sternly at someone in his suit in the Green Arrow

Although Green Arrow has not appeared in the DCU, he has appeared in some other DC properties, including Smallville itself. He was portrayed on that series by the future This is us star Justin Hartley for 72 episodes, first appearing in Season 6 in 2006 and sticking around until the series finale in Season 10. However, the most prominent Green Arrow appearance was in a connected universe that rivaled the DCU in scope.

Aptly titled the Arrowverse, this universe is a collection of DC Comics spin-off television series that aired on The CW. The franchise began when Stephen Amell took on the role of Green Arrow in the 2012 series Arrowwhich followed Oliver Queen’s return to his hometown of Starling City after being shipwrecked for half a decade. Arrow ran for eight seasons and spawned a number of interconnected spinoffs, including The lightning, Super girland DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Although many series have since gone off the air, particularly in the wake of Nexstar taking a controlling interest in the network and changing their lineup, the Arrowverse was one of television’s preeminent sources of superhero content for a decade.

Does Green Arrow have a future in the DCU?

Green Arrow in Cover DC Comics points his archer up

Gallner will have a run for his money if he really wants to be involved DCU, as Amell has stated his interest in reprising his Arrowverse role for a Green Arrow movie. However, there is currently no word on what DC projects are currently in development under the new regime beyond a reboot Superman movie being written by Gunn. Consider it Arrow was on the air until 2020, it seems reasonable to expect the franchise to steer clear of the character to focus on their main properties, but that doesn’t mean Green Arrow isn’t part of their long-term plans.

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Source: Kyle Gallner/Twitter

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