Skeletor had a life before his evil transformation, which gave him a fascinating legacy in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Although it may seem hard to believe, Masters of the Universe‘s He-Man exists only because Skeletor‘s heroism. In 2013, writer Keith Giffen and artist Pop Mhan gave the franchise a shot in the back with the comic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, elaborating on the character’s backstories. In issue two, they reveal that before he turned evil, Skeletor saved the life of He-Man’s father, King Randor, when he was an infant.

That Masters of the Universe The toy-line is one of the most successful in history, selling millions of units worldwide, and it continues to find fans even today. The successful toy line first launched in the 1980s and was boosted by a popular cartoon. At its core, Masters of the Universe was a basic story of good versus evil, where He-Man and his allies would turn back Skeletor and his forces every single episode. The original comic was light in the background, but subsequent incarnations of the franchise have given the characters more substance, including Skeletor. In the 2002 reboot, Skeletor was revealed to have once been called Keldor – and he wasn’t always evil. Instead, Keldor was a hero who sought power and ultimately became corrupted and joined forces with the evil wizard Hordak. Skeletor was actually formerly human – as Keldor, he staged a raid on Castle Grayskull, and during the melee, acid was thrown on his face, turning him into Skeletor.


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IN He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #2, by Giffen and Mhan, as Hordak lays waste to Eternia, King Randor reveals to his son, Prince Adam, that the evil sorcerer has sought vengeance against King Grayskull’s bloodline for centuries and vowed to destroy it. He even tried to abduct Randor when he was an infant, only to be thwarted by Keldor. While the hero would later be transformed into Prince Adam’s greatest nemesis, it is shockingly confirmed that without him, He-Man would not have been born.

Skeletor used to be a hero

skeleton he-man masters of the universe

Much like Prince Adam, long Masters of the Universe fans may be shocked that Skeletor was responsible, albeit indirectly, for creating He-Man – his future nemesis. Once Skeletor wasn’t the evil, hateful villain he wanted to be, but instead a good person whose ambition and hubris unfortunately got the better of him and led him down a dark path. Although he did not realize it at the time, by saving the infant Randor’s life, Skeltor not only ensured his own eventual downfall, but that Eternia would have a champion and the Grayskull bloodline would not fall under Hordak’s sway. A generation later, Keldor, seeking power, himself fell under Hordak’s rule. As Skeletor, he attempted to help Hordak fulfill his grand plan to corrupt the Grayskull bloodline by abducting Randor’s children, the twins Adam and Adora, but Skeletor was only successful in kidnapping Adora.

Knowing that Skeletor was once a good and noble person makes him a tragic figure. His ambition led him to betray his former friends and make a deal with the devil. Skeletor’s legacy of evil is great, but luckily the heroes of Eternia have been there to keep him in check. Ignorant skeleton, However it is He-man and Masters of the Universe is only able to defeat him because of his own heroic past.

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