Sydney singer and producer Skeleten has announced his debut album, ‘Under Utopia’.

The skeleton – real name Russell Fitzgibbon – announced the record today (April 21) via social media, writing: “Without getting too serious… I had this vision of waking up into the world from eternal nothingness and hovering over humanity, seeing everything with universal wonder and love, breathing in all the beauty and sorrow of life for the first time.”

He continued, “I saw people everywhere who carried compassion, and I felt that I wanted a better world, was this powerful shared consciousness growing out of the ground.”

‘Under Utopia’ is out on Friday 28th July on Astral People Recordings/2MR. Pre-orders are available here.

Skeleten said of the record via a press release: “We’re more familiar with the idea of ​​a dystopia in the modern world – it’s closer to our consciousness. I think on this album I wanted to explore the importance of imagining and embody a new world.”

He also coincided the record’s announcement with the release of the album’s lead single and its accompanying music video ‘Sharing The Fire’.

Watch the video for ‘Sharing The Fire’ below.

The full tracklist for Skelet’s ‘Under Utopia’ has also been revealed via a press release. Check it out below.

Cover of Skeleton’s ‘Under Utopia’. Credit: Press

1. ‘Generator’
2. ‘The Mirror’
3. ‘Go by your name’
4. ‘Heart full of tenderness’
5. ‘Territory Day’
6. ‘No drones in the afterlife’
7. Under Utopia’
8. “Color space”
9. ‘Right here it’s only love’
10. ‘Sharing The Fire’
11. ‘All we need in the world’

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