SHINee member Key has released a title and release date for the upcoming repackage of his 2022 studio album ‘Gasoline’.

The idol took to social media yesterday (January 24) to announce that his upcoming comeback will be titled ‘Killer’ and is slated for release on February 13. According to a report from Korea JoongAng Dailythe repackaged record will also feature the title track ‘Killer’, as well as the B-sides ‘Heartless’ and ‘Easy’, on top of the original songs from ‘Gasoline’.

‘Killer’ will be a re-release of the SHINee singer’s second studio album ‘Gasoline’, which he released in August 2022. The 11-track record was led by its title track of the same name and included B-side ‘Another’ Life’, which was named as one of the best K-pop songs of 2022 by NME.

News of Key’s solo comeback for the year first broke earlier this month after several media outlets reported that the idol would be making a solo comeback with a repackaged album. SM Entertainment later confirmed the news to The news in a statement which read: “Key is preparing to release his second repackaged studio album in February. Please be excited.”

Fellow SHINee member Minho became the last member of the boy band to go solo with his debut mini-album ‘Chase’ released last December. In an interview with NMEthe idol shared how the members of SHINee inspire each other in their solo work: “There is a mutual desire among our group to constantly be better than ourselves. There is a bit of a healthy competition where you motivate and almost encourage each other to try hard and develop as artists.”

SHINee’s last release as a whole group was their 2021 studio album ‘Don’t Call Me’ and its re-release ‘Atlantis’. The boy band’s youngest member Taemin began his mandatory military service shortly after his release and is due to be discharged sometime in April this year.

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