The 31-year-old Selena Gomez disclosed to her fans that she injured her hand and needed surgery. The singer revealed she doesn’t care about “selling anything” and would like to just be “happy” with the music she creates in a comment to a fan post advertising her new song, “Single Soon.” She stated in the re-posted comment, “Broke my hand and had surgery.” “I have no interest in selling anything. I simply enjoy creating music with my pals.

Selena did not provide any additional information regarding the kind or timing of her injuries, but she appeared to be genuinely enjoying the response to her new song. The gifted musician recently responded to a BIIC News Instagram post revealing that many are wondering if the song is about her prior relationship with The Weeknd. She retorted with a remark that “couldn’t be more false.”

Some of the lyrics to “Single Soon” actually refer to a “weekend,” which contributed to listeners’ assumption that the song was about The Weeknd. Selena says in the upbeat new song, “Should I do it on the phone?/ Should I leave a little note in the pocket of his coat? / Yeah Maybe I’ll just disappear/ I don’t wanna see a tear/ And the weekend’s almost here,”

On August 25, Selena’s spectacular comeback song was published, and since then, internet fans have been raving about it. She also created a music video for the song. Throughout the epic feature, she looked stunning in a metallic pink sleeveless top and denim shorts. Just two days ago, her best friend Taylor Swift reshared a post with a video promo in promotion of the new album. She also contributed a heartfelt caption of her own.

Whenever your best friend is the best. Will be dancing to this for the rest of time, I imagine. Selena quickly reposted Taylor’s comment in her own Instagram story, earning praise from fans for their lengthy friendship. Attending a few of Taylor’s Eras Tour performances during the summer was another way Selena supported her.

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