Warning! Contains spoilers for Peacemaker tries hard! #3!There is one superhero in it Justice League to Peacemaker surprisingly looks up to. At his lowest point, Christopher Smith draws inspiration from his favorite Leaguer to keep him going.

IN Peacemaker tries hard! #3 by Kyle Starks and Steve Pugh, Smith has just been betrayed by Monsieur Mallah and left for dead in the middle of nowhere. Smith had only worked with the gorilla after he and the Brain kidnapped Peacemaker’s newly adopted dog, Bruce Wayne. Feeling low about the slump he’s in, Peacemaker stops at a local tavern to recover and wallow in his emotions.

But Smith’s pity party doesn’t last long when he is confronted by the Demolition Squad, the crew of mercenaries that Peacemaker ambushed during his mission with Mallah. Furious at Peacemaker for killing their ally, the gang attacks Smith. Unfortunately for them, they’re not prepared for the likes of Peacemaker, who easily dispatches the construction-themed villains one by one. Revived by the cheers of the bar patrons, Smith realizes that he’s not a superhero, he just stinks compared to heroes like Green Lantern. Noting that Green Lantern would not give up in the face of adversity, Peacemaker sets out to save his dog.

Peacemaker sees Green Lantern as a model superhero

Peacemaker admires Green Lantern DC

As far as superheroes go, Peacemaker is pretty far down the list of people’s favorites. Although the character has seen a rise in popularity thanks to his recent film and television appearances, in-universe, he is not well-liked by many. Those who don’t see him and his mission of peace at all costs as psychopathic treat him as a joke. Peacemaker tries hard! has made it abundantly clear that Christopher is one of the most least liked superheroes out there.

But while Peacemaker may be brash and ignorant, he’s surprisingly self-aware. His comparison to Green Lantern not only reveals an admiration for the Justice League member, but also shows what kind of hero Peacemaker want to to be like. Smith could have easily compared himself to Superman or Batman, but instead he chooses Green Lantern. Why? Most likely because Green Lantern is a member of the Green Lantern Corps, the largest peacekeeping force in the DC Universe. It makes sense that Peacemaker would respect and want to be like the one hero who is essentially a police officer in outer space.

Peacemaker aspires to be Like Green Lantern

Green Lantern Reis DC Comics

Peacemaker is purposefully dedicated to achieving peace at any cost. While other heroes all want the same thing, it’s really only Green Lantern whose real job is to bring order to the entire universe. For better or for worse, Smith idolizes institutions dedicated to peace, and the Green Lanterns are the largest peacekeeping organization the DC Universe has. Peacemaker looks up to Green Lantern as a hero who believes in a sense of duty and justice while also being a really cool ass-kicker. While he probably won’t be making it in the Justice League anytime soon, Smith is trying to make it better by being more like the hero he has the most respect for. Fans can see Smith giving it up for Justice League member he most admires i Peacemaker tries hard! #3for sale now.

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