Park Ji-hoon, a Korean actor, is reportedly set to star in the upcoming thriller drama Bastard. An industry source said on January 16, 2023 that Park Ji-hoon has been cast as the lead in the drama Bastard. In response, the actor’s agency, Maroo Entertainment, revealed that it is one of the projects for which the actor has been offered a role. On the same day, another industry source stated that actress Roh Yoon-SEO had been cast as the female lead in the next drama, to which her agency responded that she had declined the casting offer.

The upcoming thriller drama tells the story of Seon Woo-jin, a high school student who lives alone with his psychotic father. The drama unfolds as the son turns against his own father to defend his family. If Park Ji-hoon takes the role of Seon Woo-jin in the upcoming drama Bastard, he will play the character.

Park Ji-hoon may play Seon Woo-jin in the upcoming drama Bastard.

As previously mentioned, if Park Ji-hoon accepts the casting offer, he would play Seon Woo-jin, a high school student who has seen life’s ups and downs from a young age because of his father. Woo-father Jin’s is a serial killer and a sociopath who kills without hesitation. Furthermore, Seon Woo-jin has watched his father get murdered and done nothing else his whole life.

Surviving such severe and harsh conditions has already made his life uncomfortable. He has been gaslighted and abused and has been forced to commit crimes with his father. As a result, he suffers mentally and physically and is unable to fight back. Woo-life Jin begins to change when he meets transfer student Yoon Gyeon and becomes close friends with him. He intends to shield him from the dark side of his psychopathic father, who has decided to target Yoon Gyeon for his next murder plan.

Following Woo-terrible jin’s father’s plan, he vows to protect Yoon Gyeon from him while putting everything he has into changing his life. He decides that he would do anything to stop his father from killing one of his classmates. Yoon Gyeon, on the other hand, is considered the light that leads Woo-jin out of his gloomy surroundings. The drama is based on the web movie Hurejasik, which was developed by writer Kim Kan-bi and drawn by Hwang Young-chan. The team is best known for producing the famous webtoon Sweet Home, which was adapted into a hit Netflix series.

Park Ji-hoon began his career in the entertainment world as a Wanna One member.

The Weak Hero Class 1 actor first appeared as a member of Wanna One in the popular survival show Produce 101 Season 2. After the disbandment of his band in 2019, he made his solo debut with the album O’ CLOCK that same year. He currently works as a singer and actor.

Park Ji-hoon

Park Ji-hoon has participated in numerous dramas and demonstrated his various acting skills. Weak Hero Class 1, At a Distance Spring is Green, Love Revolution and Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency are among his best-known works. According to a Korean media site, actor Park Ji-hoon is currently training for Weak Hero Class 2. However, no official statement has yet been made about Season 2.

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